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  1. MG101

    Steeda sway bar on sale

    Just an FYI the rear adjustable sway bar is on sale right now for $212 shipped at I'm not affiliated just figured someone may be interested.
  2. MG101

    Seat belt latch extenders?

    Anyone able to find extenders for the rear outer seats? My kids have a hell of a time trying to get buckled in their boosters. I was able to find one for the center seat but none for the outers. I have not had the chance to check yet but are the outer and center latches different?
  3. MG101

    Paak working again?

    Anyone else's Paak working again after 3.35 broke it yesterday? Mine is and I didn't even do anything to fix it. So I dunno?
  4. MG101

    Just the "e"

    Anyone happen to have the part number for the e door badge? No 4 or x, just e.
  5. MG101

    GOM updating itself faster?

    Seems like the the range is updating itself quicker? more often? Had a couple of short low m/kwh drives that was reflected in the range pretty immediately and this morning I arrived at work with 5 more miles of range than when I started. I don't remember gauge updating so quickly.
  6. MG101

    Design aspects you don't like

    Not talking about broken features (paak). For example I do not like the vents. Too narrow and I never feel like I'm getting blasted with as much air as I'd like. What else?