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  1. Crilly

    Ford and Charging. Being very conservative

    For those of us, who got are mache last winter, we have notice a big change in charging range this winter. Did Ford reduce the charging level? Does the lithium battery get damaged when full and the temp lowers? Did Ford reduce the charging level, to make the regen work better?
  2. Crilly

    Today I got PAAK to work the way it is supposed to.

    Today I removed the 12 volt battery cable at the battery. Now everything works like it should. My mache has had all the over the air updates. i know this has been said before. Thanks to everyone who has advocated doing this. I was afraid to do this for fear it would erase to much stuff. The...
  3. Crilly

    Charging rate and time

    When you are level 2 charging, if you set finish charging for way later then it would take, does it set later start time or slower charge rate?