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  1. Anyone go from Electric back to ICE?

    interesting I didn’t know that.
  2. Anyone go from Electric back to ICE?

    So I have a situation that I am not sure how I am going to handle. SO Just about 2 years ago I put in a reservation for a Bronco. I had a very early (first 12 hour) reservation, so when they started shipping last spring and being a very high number at my dealer I sold my F150 in April as prices...
  3. Mach-E Production Costs Increases and No Longer Profitable For Ford

    that can’t be right. thTs a HUGE difference.
  4. May sell the Mach-E...

    I’ll be doing the same if my bronco ever shows up.
  5. Steering assist fault. Service required

    So I got this message on my car yesterday and had no power steering while getting it home. Got home turned off the car and when I turned it back on the car was working fine, power steering good and no errror messages. Used the car twice today with no issues and no messages not sure if it was a...
  6. BlueCruise going out OTA to regular plebs (non-EA owners)!

    there was some sort of additional map update I needed to get mine working post 2.8.3.
  7. BlueCruise going out OTA to regular plebs (non-EA owners)!

    Can confirm 2.8.3 plus the map update worked. Used blue cruise for the first time last night. Worked pretty well. However the highway I was on kind of has a series of left right back and forth wide turns and it seems to keep ping ponging between outer Lines so it’s not super smooth. Also tends...
  8. BlueCruise going out OTA to regular plebs (non-EA owners)!

    already had that showing in my account. But it does look like I got the map update today. It new shows hands free as an option and shows maps,expiration under the sync info. Think I am finally good to go.
  9. BlueCruise going out OTA to regular plebs (non-EA owners)!

    So now I am up to 2.8.3 and still no working blue cruise will see what happens if/when the map update arrives.
  10. BlueCruise going out OTA to regular plebs (non-EA owners)!

    So I have gotten 2.8.2 and hands free does not work. I called ford today and they said there is a map update i need. They were going to try and trigger it. If it doesn’t work they said I might have to go to the dealer and have them perform TSB-222105. Basically if I go to settings blue cruise...
  11. So when is Blue Cruise not Blue Cruise?

    So I am assuming i am in BC purgatory as well. I got the 2.8.2 update. It said blue cruise was good to go. Got an alert in the ford pass app saying my year of blue cruise is active but I dont see hands free option in settings, dont see the item list in general settings and when blue cruise is on...
  12. BlueCruise going out OTA to regular plebs (non-EA owners)!

    Got 2.8.1 a couple days ago so one more to go till BC. been getting a lot of updates the last couple weeks, finally. Of course now my bronco I have had on order forever is finally being built in 3 weeks so just as I am finally getting some cool updates it’s almost time to sell the Mach-e.
  13. Comprehensive PowerUp (OTA) Poll

    I just saw today that I now have 2.6 installed. Had 2.1 last I checked last week. Which one brings blue cruise?
  14. What is this part called?

    So I hit a snow bank last month and broke off a couple piece on the front bumper. It’s the vents on the bottom that open and close. Struggling to find the name for them. At least one piece broke and I need to order replacement but cant find it in the parts catalog. Including some pics in case...
  15. Roof and Windshield Recall

    No way I am taking mine in until they make me. Had no issues with roof or windshield and definitely dont trust the dealer to not screw it up.
  16. Strategies for generating a 2022 tax liability - to claim as mush as possible of the $7,500 tax credit

    how can someone afford a Mach-e yet not generated the needed tax debt to get the full rebate?
  17. Ford Unveils F-100 Eluminator Concept w/ E-Crate Motor From Mach-E (Now Available For Custom Builds)

    I am confused by what this really is and what else it wold take to convert a vehicle to electric? I have a mach-e now as an interim vehicle while i wait on my bronco. But I would LOVE an electric bronco. So can I buy this crate engine, a battery pacK(where) and what else is needed. That would be...
  18. Anyone gotten a ridiculous buy offer for your used MME?

    Just got a Vroom offer of 53,700 for my Premium AWD which is about $500 more than i paid including tax, title and reg. Hope it keeps holding its value as I bought this as an interim vehicle as I wait for my 2 Door Bronco to be built. Still no build date so will be keeping the Mach-e around for a...
  19. No Tax Credit Over $100K Income, Or Over $40K Vehicle, So Says The Senate, NonBindingly

    This. I would be extremely pissed if they pull back this rebate, its one of the reasons i bought a Mach-e. SO sick of the continued denial and push against renewable energy projects. And in what world is 100k a logical cutoff. I live in the Northeast, its expensive up here. As someone who...