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  1. LVMike

    BlueCruise Easily Fooled

    We were driving north at 70mph on I-15 through Las Vegas (by Strip) last evening and set the BlueCruise. All was great until we got past Tropicana. Apparently, some dumbass had recently driven in this lane and dumped a 3-mile long spill of white paint. It was very subtle, but got more noticeable...
  2. LVMike

    403 Miles as my Range Indication

    Is anyone else getting this many miles in on a full charge? I was only getting 305 or so when I received the car, but it has steadily increased to just past 400 since then (9 months).
  3. LVMike

    FINALLY Getting Recalls Done

    After 4 months of foot-dragging excuses by my dealer (LAS - Gaudin Ford), I’m finally getting in there on Monday (4/25) to get my 2 glass recalls done. They said they need the vehicle (21 Rte1) for 2-3 weeks since they send it out to a glass shop. I also requested software update (no BC yet)...