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  1. I'm loading in back, passenger can't enter door?

    I'd disagree. If you exit the door and go directly to your trunk the doors will probably not all lock as you are still within range of the car. I generally find the doors lock (and horn honks) when I'm 30-40 feet away. I'm sure there is no perfect answer for all scenarios. If all doors...
  2. I'm loading in back, passenger can't enter door?

    Perhaps this is engineers overthinking negative scenarios. How many times in a year will one prevent an unintended entry versus preventing a valid passenger from entering the door quickly while it is pouring rain? I'd say the odds are probably beter than 100:1 in favor of the rain.
  3. I'm loading in back, passenger can't enter door?

    I have a job 2 car but just had the 21P22 done a number of weeks ago. Hasn't really seemed to fix this issue.
  4. I'm loading in back, passenger can't enter door?

    Do I have some setting wrong? I've been in the situation more than once where I am loading something in the back (lets say groceries) and my wife cannot open the passenger door until I open the driver's door first. Clearly the car knows I'm there because I opened the hatchback door...
  5. Mach-E Production Costs Increases and No Longer Profitable For Ford

    I'll echo the sentiment that common sense dictates that the headline is wrong. There is no way general inflation of 10% has caused what would be a minimum 50% increase in cost to Ford (assuming a worst case scenario where Ford was selling the cars at cost).
  6. Advice when your dealer has trouble installing 21p22?

    I took my 2021 job 2 in for the update today and they spent the "whole day" without success. I have to pick it up because I can't leave it for them to try another day. When I bring it back, can I direct them somehow to give them a head start for next try? I suspect they haven't done this a...
  7. When will job 2 MMEs get improved charging upgrade?

    This sounds a bit too simple. Can you elaborate? My car was built in July, 2021. I just call and ask and they will do it? I need a reason for them to do it? It's covered under warranty?
  8. When will job 2 MMEs get improved charging upgrade?

    Of all the upgrades released, the one that I am most interested in is the lowered time to charge from 80% to 90% when on the road. My most likely long-distance trip I make is Eugene, OR to Seattle, WA at about 300 miles and the difference of being able to get to 90% instead of 80% quickly can...
  9. Where's my range Ford?

    Just to give an example of what's possible, I just returned from Seattle to Eugene, Oregon on Sunday and had a stretch of 181 miles on Google Maps where I took the battery from 100% down to 22%. The trip said I averaged 3.5 mi/kw. I have the same setup as the OP: standard battery, RWD...
  10. Has anybody had their BlueCruise take evasive action?

    I use BlueCruise every day (and yes, I feel for those who don't have it yet), but I've always wondered what would happen if someone merged into my lane while I am in their blind spot. Will BlueCruise choose simply to brake or will it actually swerve to the side to avoid the car? Since this...
  11. Why is there always a flag and "1 mi" below my range?

    So it's a bug? You'd think if the nav had some destination in mind it would change the distance I am away from it... I'll try this.
  12. Why is there always a flag and "1 mi" below my range?

    On the line below my battery range but above my battery %, I see a "....1 mi (flag)". It never changes. What is this about? I searched the manual but couldn't find it. I'm sure there is an obvious answer.
  13. Mach E GTPE Damaged by transport company

    I don't have the insider's perspective on priority ordering, but I know it exists. I would ask the dealer to use one of their precious priority orders to get you a new one. Maybe it will be 3 months rather than 12? (I'm sure others can chime in that have more experience on whether a...
  14. {OTA} BlueCruise Map Update for Job 2 Cars - Deployment Starting

    Got the update yesterday. Can't say I have noticed anything different. Everything seemed to download smoothly though which is good as this is the first OTA update I've received. Now I'd like that update that let's me charge to 90% more quickly on the road.
  15. Tips for a fussy charge port door?

    I had been meaning to come back to this thread as I continue to have issues with the door closing easily. Even after three months I'd say I am successful with getting it to close on first try less than 50% of the time. The question in my mind is whether to pursue a fix. If the problem is with...
  16. BlueCruise Map Update OTA Coming Soon

    I would agree that's pretty confusing. I take it, you hit OK and then it goes back to a black background and has the hands on wheel icon at the bottom.
  17. BlueCruise Map Update OTA Coming Soon

    That background is blue. HOWEVER, there is a possible caveat in that you are showing the first time active warning screen (this warning doesn't come on again when pushing the cancel/reactivate button). While I feel that BlueCruise is active while I have that screen on, it's probably hard to...
  18. BlueCruise Map Update OTA Coming Soon

    The most obvious thing people should be coaching is that when Blue Cruise is active, the entire screen's background When it is inactive (but other features like lane assist may be on), the screen's background is black. Simple.