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  1. After purchasing my new Mach E premium from the dealership they wont let me take the car home.

    You are lucky if you have only been waiting 36 weeks! I have been waiting 11.5 months and can’t get my car!
  2. Delivery delay due to new recall (HVBJB related?)

    For F’s sake it will be one year since I placed the order for my Mach-e before I get it! CR is at dealership and was told they can’t sell it to me! I think I am done with ford this is the last straw. 1 year to get a car when others placed an order 8 months ago and they have their car. Time to...
  3. How to get the dealer to give me a real estimate when I may get the MME.

    The dealership has lost 15 MME that they can’t find. They don’t know why it was stuck for 3 weeks. They called today and they have not been able to find these “15” missing cars. It is very frustrating that I should have had my car 2 months ago. It is very frustrating and we are disappointed with...
  4. Worried About Purchase

    Hahaha ford will pass 100,000 built and only 25,000 in hands of customers!!!!!
  5. How to get the dealer to give me a real estimate when I may get the MME.

    I have been waiting since 7/17/21 for my MME it was built on 3/16/22 and has been in delivery mode since 3/28/22. Had 3 delivery dates and all have passed. Was stuck in Laredo for 3 weeks and now my dealer has no idea where it is at. Get the same excuse delivery issues!! How does a billion...
  6. 3/14/22 Build Week Gang

    Mine was built 2 weeks before yours and his been “in transit” since 3/26. Sat in Laredo TX for 4 weeks and was supposed to be delivered this last week and when I contact my dealer they say it says in Missouri. Get the same response that is transport issues. Tried calling Ford with zero luck and...
  7. Damaged In Transit...To The Tune of $20k

    At least your arrived! Been waiting since July of 2021 for my premium Mach e. Ford has dropped then all with the transport of their vehicles! Mine has been in transport since March and keeps missing the estimated delivery dates!!! Never will be buying a Ford vehicle again!!
  8. Anyone who is waiting having second thoughts?

    Nope. Just an excuse they are using. My car is sitting in a rail yard in Texas waiting to be connected to a train to be shipped to Richmond California. Cars built after mine have already arrived to my dealership. Ford dropped the ball when they had their lockdown and the cars waiting for the...
  9. Anyone who is waiting having second thoughts?

    Yup getting frustrated with this entire situation. My car should have been here in March then pushed to end of April beginning of May. Then the day it was to arrive get an email from Ford saying it is delayed and won’t be here jntil the first week of June. Talked to my dealer and was told that...
  10. 1/31 Build Week gang

    Yeah I want the $2500 incentive. After all I am going through in getting this car I want everything I can get. My car is now pushed out another month after I was told it was in Laredo on Monday.
  11. 1/31 Build Week gang

    Ain’t this some shit, my car is due today, called on Monday and my salesman said it was in Texas and now I got an email that my car won’t be to Folsom California until June 1st. Yup I am driving up there now. Not happy with this process. Been waiting song July of 2021!! And to top things off I...
  12. 1/31 Build Week gang

    Awesome dude!! I have a call tomorrow to see if it is to arrive on Wednesday. I wish I knew what the interest rate was at the time, going into Golden One to see what rate they have. Trying to schedule an electrician to come in 2 weeks to install the charger. Your ride looks awesome.
  13. 1/31 Build Week gang

    Wow awesome!! I was told it won’t be in Folsom until the 4th and won’t be ready to be picked up until the 10th!! I asked why and I was told we need to update and get the car detailed?!?! Called back today and waiting for the manager to call me back. I think my salesman has no clue and just...
  14. 1/31 Build Week gang

    How do you find out they took delivery of it?
  15. 1/31 Build Week gang

    Yeah my salesman is not very smart. I got the email saying it has been shipped and it is scheduled between 4/28-5/4. One day after yours. So we must be in the same train.
  16. 1/31 Build Week gang

    So now I was told my car is in Mexico and will be here in 2-3 weeks!!! Don’t know what to believe now. Yes I was told my price is locked in and will be guaranteed. So at least I have that.
  17. 1/31 Build Week gang

    My dealer pretty much said “yup it is expected to be in Folsom between 4/28-5/4, and will call back this Wednesday with an update”. Asked about the price protection again and said he will talk with his manager. I am hoping to hear something positive this week! We leave for a small 4 day vacation...
  18. 1/31 Build Week gang

    Yeah I have all that info on how to install it. Plus I get a rebate for having it installed. I have to order the station as the dealer does not have them in stock.
  19. 1/31 Build Week gang

    Yeah I am going to finance to get the $2500 and then pay it off. I want to know about this price guarantee so I might go and talk to the sales manager. Yeah I hope we are on the same train. I want to make an appointment to have someone install the charger in my house. I hope they have the...
  20. 1/31 Build Week gang

    Hahaha i ordered the exact same one colors and all!!! Orders my 7/7/21 changed to a 22 on 9/25/21. Build date was 1/17 then changed to 1/31/22. Built email on 3/16 with a est. ship of 4/27-5/8 but have not received the shipped email yet. My salesman is on vacation so hopefully I hear something...