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  1. Pioneer74

    As seen on Florida Turnpike service plaza

    The guy in the blue one probably feels special.
  2. Pioneer74

    Camping trip in the Mach-E (with a Lightning and Rivian, too!)

    Now we know how the Lightning got the flat tire.
  3. Pioneer74

    Cooling ventilated seats?

    Ventilated front seats is the only missing option this vehicle needs. After having them in 2 previous F150's and 2 Edge Titaniums, they will be missed. But at least my Lightning will have them. I'll probably have to fight the wife for the truck in the summer.
  4. Pioneer74

    Mach-E Production Costs Increases and No Longer Profitable For Ford

    Makes you wonder what will happen to the price of a Lightning for the 2023 model year.
  5. Pioneer74

    Track shipment

    It's at the Laredo TX junction point. Dealer ETA is June 30th to July 6th.
  6. Pioneer74

    Order of OTA updates
  7. Pioneer74

    The Eye Nanny and Progressive Lenses

    I wear perception glasses with anti-glare and progressive lenses. My sunglasses have progressive lenses and polarized lenses. Never had an issue with watch the road warnings.
  8. Pioneer74

    Paying for tracking. Thoughts? Poll

    If the computer system you are using for tracking is owned by somebody else, and you start selling access to it, you may be opening yourself up to civil penalties if the owner of the system finds out and objects.
  9. Pioneer74

    Too much red. Rapid Red Metallic x 2, Ruby Red

    But if you sell it to me you can visit it whenever you want. And it can live with its bigger brother.
  10. Pioneer74

    Too much red. Rapid Red Metallic x 2, Ruby Red

    I'll give you $7500 under sticker.
  11. Pioneer74

    I installed EV Hover ..... and I made a video of it.

    Why not back the ID.4 into the garage? Seems like it would be easier to get in and out of it. And the cable would be right next to the charge port.
  12. Pioneer74

    FordPass Features to be Discontinued

    Compustar makes a remote start system specifically for manual transmission cars. I had them on 3 different Foci. The last one I also added Drone Mobile with it and it could do everything Fordpass does except display fuel level.
  13. Pioneer74

    Window Sticker Update Frequency

    Window stickers are available about a week before your Blend date. Green window stickers are special orders. Blue are ordered for dealer stock.
  14. Pioneer74

    No Power Lift Gate for 2022?

    I've had the kick operated hatch on 3 different vehicles. I never liked it and there was no way to disable it. I'm not going to miss it. But I remember that thread. All they did was write a sensor into the button.
  15. Pioneer74

    No Power Lift Gate for 2022?

    Now, this makes more sense. Power liftgate just means you press a button and it opens and closes. Hands-free is a different option. I don't think the hands free liftgate was ever stated on the window sticker. Just if it was power.