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  1. $15000 mark!!!

    I recommend you tell the dealer that if they don't sell it to you for MSRP you will do some or all of the following: Contact Elena Ford, VP of customer experience, and tell her what the dealer is doing. Remind them that Jim Farley has said that dealers who charge a markup on customer-ordered...
  2. 01/03/22 Build Week Chat

    Nope. I think it arrived at the NorCal distribution depot the day after the recall was announced. So, you know, missed it by that much.
  3. Safety Recall 22S41 - 2021-2022 Mach E - HVBJB Recall [high voltage battery main contactors may overheat]

    They make money off of them in the aggregate. Doesn't mean that any individual extended warranty might not cost them—and consequently save the customer—quite a bit of money.
  4. Safety Recall 22S41 - 2021-2022 Mach E - HVBJB Recall [high voltage battery main contactors may overheat]

    Don't overestimate the role of individual actors. The behavior of institutions is driven by incentives and constraints. In corporate America, the sum of those remains largely unchanged: maximize profit now and in the near term.
  5. Safety Recall 22S41 - 2021-2022 Mach E - HVBJB Recall [high voltage battery main contactors may overheat]

    Not sure if this is snark or not, so going to drop this bit of history here just in case: "Internal company documents showed that Ford secretly crash-tested the Pinto more than forty times before it went on the market and that the Pinto's fuel tank ruptured in every test performed at speeds...
  6. Stop Safely Now (HVBJB): Mach-E Owners Biggest Fear - Facts and Info Thread

    When you say "this... isn't inline with what we know now," can you please elaborate? What two things aren't comporting in your view?
  7. Safety Recall 22S41 - 2021-2022 Mach E - HVBJB Recall [high voltage battery main contactors may overheat]

    Not to discount your frustration, but your car was built at the end of May and it's already been shipped?!? Wow. Just be glad you weren't in an early January build group, when you would have waited two-plus months on a chip hold and then another month or two to be put on a train. For some of us...
  8. 01/03/22 Build Week Chat

    Mine is not on that train. It was legit just sitting on a ramp in Missouri for over 2 months. They finally put it on a train this weekend, so crossing my fingers it will soon hit California. What's the middle-of-nowhere city your is supposedly in? Is it Barstow? Hope you get it soon!
  9. 3/14/22 Build Week Gang

    Outstanding! It looks great. Hope you enjoy the heck out of that car, you've definitely earned it.
  10. Damaged In Transit...To The Tune of $20k

    I echo this. If you qualify for the federal tax credit, you should push Ford hard to get you a replacement before it sunsets.
  11. Wood dash kit?

    I dig those aero wheel covers! Do they improve the range?
  12. 01/03/22 Build Week Chat

    I ordered mine mid-September. And specifically ordered a Route 1 because, at the time, it said the expected wait was only 4 months for that model. Lol. Thanks for educating them. Hopefully they’ll have all that dialed when mine finally arrives.
  13. 01/03/22 Build Week Chat

    You and I are in almost the same boat. I'm still waiting on delivery to Northern California of my 2022 Route 1 AWD, which has been sitting in Missouri for more than 2 months now. Did yours get held up in transit too? I wonder if there was something about the Route 1 models that resulted in them...
  14. 01/03/22 Build Week Chat

    Congrats @Mme4me ! Did you order through North Bay Ford? (That's who I ordered through.) Hope you enjoy the heck out of your new Mach-E.
  15. 01/03/22 Build Week Chat

    No doubt that California's Clean Vehicle Rebate Program is confusing. But I do know that for the MME, which is a battery electric vehicle, one can receive both the $2,000 rebate AND the carpool sticker so long as your gross annual income is below a certain threshold ($135k for single, $175k for...
  16. 01/03/22 Build Week Chat

    Outstanding! Looks great. What model and color did you get?
  17. 01/10/22 Build Week Chat/Gang

    Congrats! That's one good looking car. And one happy passenger!
  18. 01/10/22 Build Week Chat/Gang

    Cool. Hope that new date is real! Do you mind sharing, when was your car shipped from Mexico?
  19. 01/10/22 Build Week Chat/Gang

    Good news! The journey is almost over. Hope all goes well with the pickup @Larry Paul. Can you please share: what date did your MME get shipped out of Mexico? Unfortunately, while there have been a number of accounts of people getting their cars shortly after being sent a delay email, there...
  20. 01/10/22 Build Week Chat/Gang

    Congrats on getting your Mach-E! If you don't mind sharing, would be curious to know what rate they gave you, and if it was for straight financing or for options.