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  1. KDub

    FordPass Not Updating

    My FordPass has not updated since Tuesday and I think it also affected my charging schedule - hasn't charged the last two nights. My phone still connects and works as a key. I just got 2.60 Power up. I already tried logging out and back in with no luck Any thoughts on what I should do to fix this?
  2. KDub

    AndroidAuto Update Shows It's Scalable / Full-Screen Capable

    This short video shows a refresh of Android Auto that, among other things, appears to make the screen scalable. Can't wait for this on the Mach E screen 🤞🏼
  3. KDub

    Solar Panel Charger (not ready yet)

    Tried this down in San Luis Obispo, CA. Cool concept but definitely not ready for prime-time. 1-2kw output, 5% added in 4 hours. Hopefully, they improve the technology some day.
  4. KDub

    Rattling From Cupholder Area

    One of the downsides of how quiet EVs are is that you hear rattling if it occurs. I've started to notice rattling coming from the cupholder area and have isolated it to the plastic piece that slopes down to the wireless charger area. When I put my hand on this area, I can make the rattling stop...
  5. KDub

    Prompt Volume?

    I've had my Mach E for 2 months and over 3K miles and for the first time a few days ago when I was adjusting the volume to some music, the volume read "Prompt Volume" instead of "Volume." When I adjusted the "Prompt Volume" the music was really low. The next time I got in the car, it did not...
  6. KDub

    Mach E in MKBHD video Gas v. Electric

    Great tech reviewer Marques Brownlee posted this video with Mach E, Tesla Plaid, and an Audi ICE to see the real world experience of gas v. electric. Haven't finished watching so don't hate me if it comes out bad for the MME
  7. KDub

    FordPass - Android 12 Beta

    Is anyone running Android 12 Beta and using PAAK? If yes, does PAAK still work? Work includes some delays and battery drain. Thought I'd throw this out there given that I see a lot of Android users in this forum (which is interesting as one review likened the Mach E as the Android to the...
  8. KDub

    1 Pedal Braking Fail?

    Let me start this by saying I have driven a little over 2,000 miles in the month and a half I've had my Mach E and this has never happened. The 1-pedal driving has been great and I always keep it on - city streets and highway driving. That being said... Today, on my way to work, as I turned...