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  1. billy_at

    Blue instrument cluster when using BlueCruise?

    Last week, I got the free BlueCruise software update and tried it out for the first time. When I got on the interstate and I turned on lane centering and cruise control, the entire instrument cluster turned blue to indicate that BlueCruise was on. It was great. However, since that first trip...
  2. billy_at

    Mustang Neck

    My wife diagnosed a new condition we're calling "Mustang Neck." It can strike both passersby and nearby drivers - symptoms include sudden involuntary swiveling of the head to track the car as it passes and potentially involuntary gaping. Often the victim is not even aware of their actions...
  3. billy_at

    How do I use my Electrify America membership instead of Blue Oval?

    I'm taking a road trip in July and want to join the Electrify America membership in order to get the discount while fast charging on the road. But currently, as soon as I plug into an EA charger, the charger uses Ford's Blue Oval Charging Network and charges to my credit card on file with Ford...
  4. billy_at

    Why isn’t my MME getting 150kw at EA chargers?

    I’m sure this question has been asked before but I haven’t been able to find it. The MME has a max charge rate of 150KW. I went to an EA charger today that had a big sticker that says “CCS up to 150KW.” However, the EA console mostly shows around 90KW during the charge session. Occasionally, it...
  5. billy_at

    Ford Connected Charge Station: "Plugged in Not Charging"

    I've had my Ford Connected Charge Station for almost a year with no problems. I did my usual charge to 90% on Friday evening with no problems, then took the car out Saturday for a two-hour drive. When I came home, I plugged it into the charger like usual, but the app said "Plugged in Not...
  6. billy_at

    Is it possible to save the Mach-E logos on the sides of the car?

    My car appears to finally be having the logo problems that other users have reported. The "Mach-E" logo on the driver side door is starting to come a bit loose, and the logo on the passenger side is (bizarrely) missing a chunk of the underline under "Mach-E X." Is it possible to replace and...
  7. billy_at

    Good NJ-area dealer for the glass recalls?

    I live in central NJ and have been trying to get the two recalls (windshield and glass roof) scheduled for a few months. Ideally, I'd go to a dealer that's done this before and that has a dedicated body shop. Unfortunately, I can't even find a dealer who can get the parts for this recall. I've...
  8. billy_at

    Is it okay to leave my car unplugged for two weeks?

    I'll be leaving my car sitting in my driveway for about two weeks while traveling. Is it okay to leave it unplugged from the charger for that period of time? Will it cause any issues with the 12V battery?
  9. billy_at

    Lane Keeping Fails to Re-Engage

    I use lane keeping when driving on interstates and state highways. It usually works well, but from time to time, if I need to turn it off to take an exit or just because I don't want it on anymore, it will sometimes fail to re-engage later when I want to turn it back on. Not always, but...
  10. billy_at

    Car cover recommendations?

    I recently got an email from Ford offering 15% off parts and accessories. I was excited to use it to buy the official Ford cover for the MME, only to find that the product has been removed from the Ford catalog ? I called Ford and my local dealer and they have no idea when it will be back...
  11. billy_at

    What is preconditioning actually doing?

    As temperatures have dropped into the 30's, I've started leaving my MME plugged in when it's in the driveway, as the manual suggests. When I remember, I start the car remotely before leaving so that my cabin warms up using shore power and doesn't dip into the battery. But is that all that...
  12. billy_at

    Solid red bar on Ford Connected Charge Station

    I've been happily using my Ford Connected Charge Station for about two months. Over the last few days, I was experiencing a separate issue with flickering lights in my house. I called the electric utility and they came out and diagnosed a problem inside the electrical meter that required...
  13. billy_at

    Hard water and car washing

    My area has hard water, so my (black) car frequently ends up with spots on it after hand washing in the driveway, even if I dry it quickly. It also happens if water from the sprinkler hits it. Does anyone use any filters or accessories that you can put on a garden hose while washing a car that...
  14. billy_at

    Preconditioning without a schedule?

    Temperatures are starting to drop here in NJ (it's 28℉ as I type this), so I'm starting to think about preconditioning my MME. I usually only charge my MME once a week and leave it unplugged the rest of the time. However, I've seen my GOM range start to drop with the cold weather and I also...
  15. billy_at

    Scuff marks on door interior

    When I picked my MME up from the dealer, I accidentally scuffed the interior of the driver-side door with my shoe as I was getting in the car. Is there any way to remove a mark like this? Armor All and Meguiar's Interior Detailer helped, but it's still visible.
  16. billy_at

    Is there a quick way to turn on recirculated air?

    My old car had a physical button that would turn on recirculated air. This was great if I noticed early enough that I was coming up to a dump truck belching black smoke. In the MME, the only way to do this (that I know of) is to tap the climate control button at the bottom of the SYNC screen...
  17. billy_at

    Brake dust on brake discs

    Sorry for the overload of car cleaning questions. I’m bringing my MME to a local EV car show tomorrow (first car show I’ve ever participated in) and I’m trying to get the car cleaned up. Just hand-washed the car in my driveway and it came out great, but now the spotless clean car is really...
  18. billy_at

    How do you clean the matte black wheels on the CA Route1?

    How do you safely clean the matte black wheels in the CA Route 1 without damaging them? Since they’re painted, I don’t want to take the paint off or cause drip marks on the paint.
  19. billy_at

    My MME gets dirty so quickly

    I have a California Route 1 in Shadow Black. I wash it every weekend, but within a day or two of washing, the car looks dirty, with smudges and spots from rain and dirt. I know black car paint is famous for getting dirty easily, but this happens even on the glass windshields. Anyone else...
  20. billy_at

    Can I configure the MME to _not_ honk when it automatically locks?

    The Walk Away feature automatically locks my MME when I walk away with the keys. It's great. But what's not so great is that it makes a little honk when it does this. Can I turn the honk off? The flashing lights and the mirror folding in are enough indication that the car is locked.