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  1. Ford Chat Online

    What happened to Ford Chat Online?
  2. Ford shareholder vehicle discount program will end next month

    Anybody see this? Hopefully Mustang club will still qualify. Ford Shareholder Vehicle Discount Program To End In June The Ford shareholder vehicle discount program is set to end next month as well, the...
  3. 5/23 Build Week Gang

    I thought I would start this thread since I recently got my build week date for 5/23. I have a Vin number-does everyone else have theirs? Does anyone know when the window sticker is created? Is it when the build day is assigned? My order date was 10/1/21 and my trim is Select with...
  4. AWD versus RWD

    Interesting article about the misconceptions concerning AWD as it relates to improved traction:
  5. Nashville Area

    Any new or future MME owners in Nashville area?