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    Safety Recall 22S41 - 2021-2022 Mach E - HVBJB Recall [high voltage battery main contactors may overheat]

    The most common sense piece of advice is to be thoughtful about how you park it. Tow points are under the front of the car. Back in or pull through when practible.
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    Where does BlueCruise work in the Mid-Atlantic?

    Bits and pieces of the George Washington Parkway along the Potomac on the Virginia side b/n 495 and 50
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    Heat Wave Coming - Battery Health Tips to Remember

    Much of what you suggest is reasonable advice but you should be clear, these are personal recommendations. To my knowledge: Ford does not recommend limiting charging to the hours between 10pm and 8 am. Ford does not recommend ceramic tint Ford does not recommend using Whisper mode in hot...
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    Two newbie questions (any help appreciated)

    X-plan also limits dealer fees which could be another $1,000 depending on what is customary in your market.
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    Has anyone here gotten a Mach E delivered after Feb 2022? Do your center console looks like this?

    Depends on how thin you slice ‘em. Give me leather, vegan or otherwise, over gloss black plastic.
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    Ford…unbelievable A Master Reset after getting in the car.....

    I understand you are frustrated but wild unsubstantiated uninformed speculation isn’t helpful. Posts like yours end up as headlines on insideEVs & as false claims circulating endlessly round the internet.
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    Mileage efficiency vs competition

    He efficiently pulls in to charge 30 miles sooner.
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    A big miss in my view

    But he could DCFC the Taycan on the passenger side, WTF was Ford thinking?
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    New EV Chargers at Bethany Beach DE

    There is a L2 at the Nanticoke River Discovery Center in Vienna, Md. I was unable to get the Salisbury Royal Farms 50kW unit to function this winter. It seems to be in a state of permanent disrepair now according to PlugShare. On the recent Bethany trip I was unable to activate either 50kW...
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    Where does BlueCruise work in the Mid-Atlantic?

    Chesapeake Bay Bridge during a fog advisory. [50/301]
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    New EV Chargers at Bethany Beach DE

    Yes its true. I was in Bethany in late May. I thought I would pay the exorbitant price just to check if the system would work...because the same company Bethany contracted to install the L3 units [Electric Vehicle Institute out of Baltimore] operates an older L3 [50kw] at the Nanticoke River...
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    Brake and Accelerator Confusion

    At the root of a lot of the world's problems for centuries.
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    BlueCruise ... worth it or not?? My Take.

    You are still in control. You notice the car merging long before the MME reacts. Plenty of time to toggle the cruising speed down slightly slowing your momentum. Then the MME won’t brake as sharply When it ‘sees’ the merging car. Your speed and following distance will adjust to the new...
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    Record the sound and post an MP3.
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    FordPass Features to be Discontinued

    WTF @Ford Motor Company ? Why remove sending destination to the car?
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    Post here if you have an active FDRS account and are willing to look up info for others

    3FMTK3SU5MMA09493 Just got 2.8.3...wondering how many of these modules still need updating. (pulled after 2.8.2 update)
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    Dealer wanted to charge me $1400 for updates!

    What is this opinion based on? Does TSLA publish an update evolution history for all/any of its modules? Do you have knowledge about any scenario where a module software update drove TSLA to release a fleet wide update?