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  1. Benjamin Kegele

    12 V access holes, - video how it can be done

    Do you want some access holes for your 12V battery? it helps when you want to jump start or just check the Voltage.
  2. Benjamin Kegele

    storage trays on the monitor screens - video

    I got this trays of Amazon. They work pretty slick and create a lot of additional storage:
  3. Benjamin Kegele

    Door hinge covers | Update: striker plate covers

    What do you all think of this covers. I got them from
  4. Benjamin Kegele

    reflector stripes on the door

    What do you think is better with or without? Items came from
  5. Benjamin Kegele

    HV Battery Removal From Mustang Mach E GT - Pics & Process (From Weber State University Training Boot Camp)

    I was able to attend the boot camp at weber state university. For people with a bit technical background and interest in EV battery technology I highly recommend this class. To find more details check the Weber Auto YouTube Channel: WeberAuto - YouTube To find more details about their classes...
  6. Benjamin Kegele

    12V fault service soon message

    When I search here in the forum I see a lot of results. Most of them with several cross links. But never a clear answer. If my car parks over night and I come in the morning to it. For a split second the screen behind the steering wheel shoes sometimes a fault which says 12V fault Service soon...
  7. Benjamin Kegele

    Ford supplied charger acting up - what to do

    I got almost 18k on my car and got my sr rwd premium 02/21. I had the glass recall done where the dealer put in the customer satisfaction update and I have currently ota 2.8.3 For the last few weeks when I charge at home my Ford supplied charger shows a blue and an orange light at the same time...
  8. Benjamin Kegele

    Rear door handle, no more finger prints, no more finger pinchs - video

    No more finger prints on the door. No more little kids pinching their fingers: Link in video description
  9. Benjamin Kegele

    lower center console tray - video

    What do you think, is it nice, or too much
  10. Benjamin Kegele

    Ford Power-Up 2.8.3 - video

    Ford Power-Up 2.8.3 What did you notice changing?
  11. Benjamin Kegele

    Ford Power-Up 2.8.2 video

    I know there are already threads with the update as topic. I still decided to make a video and want to share it here. @Administrator please delete if not allowed
  12. Benjamin Kegele

    Recurrent - battery health report - video

    I made a video about the platform from recurrent. Anyone else using this platform or something similar? @Administrator please delete if not allowed
  13. Benjamin Kegele

    opening/closing the windows with key fob - video

    Here I show you how you can open and close the windows with the key fob.
  14. Benjamin Kegele

    One more BlueCruise video

    Since I finally received BlueCruise, I thought I make a road experience video about it. Let me know what you think:
  15. Benjamin Kegele

    Liner / Mats for Frunk with or without Divider - Video

    I installed two versions of Frunk Liner/Mats from @AOSK I made a video about it. Those are really good all-weather mats. check them out for yourself:
  16. Benjamin Kegele

    trunk all weather cargo mat - AOSK - cheaper than OEM - great quality - video review

    I installed a trunk mat from @AOSK it is a great cheaper alternative to the OEM, fits very good and it is well made. Check out the clip to make up your own mind.
  17. Benjamin Kegele

    BMW I4 - VIDEO

  18. Benjamin Kegele

    Ford power up 2.5.3 - video

    Ford Power Up 2.5.3 just came in What changes did you notice?
  19. Benjamin Kegele

    Ford Power-Up 2.5.2 OTA - Blue Cruise update - Video

    I just received Ford Power-Up 2.5.2 I had a tiny hick up, but now Blue Cruise is active.