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  1. krafty81

    Android Auto receiving inbound calls problem - SOLVED

    Sometimes, when I answer an inbound call on my AA, it just goes to voice (not speaker) on my phone. Should go to car speaker like any other inbound call. Any ideas on this? Two year old Samsung phone, all the latest updates on my car system. Maybe I am missing a phone setting? Update - Set the...
  2. krafty81

    Getting MLB app on Android Auto

    Anyone figure out how to do this? It does not show up for me. To listen, I have to go out of AA and stream on bluetooth. I wish it showed up on my AA screen like most other apps.
  3. krafty81

    600 miles on a Cyber Orange GT available at El Cajon Ford

    They said he dropped a bad check and had to return the car. It is there now, not sure on ADM.:cool:
  4. krafty81

    Anybody have good luck with glass recall in San Diego area?

    Not doing it yet...
  5. krafty81

    Passenger Door Will Not Open with FOB nearby

    Weird problem. I do not use PaaK. It is not even activated. I just use my fob. When I approach the locked car, any door will open with the press of a button EXCEPT the passenger front door. Anyone else have this happen? My settings say to unlock all doors.
  6. krafty81

    Ford App will not pass trip destinations to Nav anymore

    So I like to enter my destination under Trips on the app, then send to the car. When I get to the car, it notifies me or I find it under Ford Trips. Lately, they have not been showing up and I get a box that says "failed to sync". Anyone else have this problem? Ideas? Thanks.
  7. krafty81

    Voice Button on Steering Wheel Stopped Working

    This button suddenly stopped working totally. No beep, no change of middle screen. All other steering wheel buttons work fine. Any ideas on a quick fix? Or is this a dealer thing? Thanks.
  8. krafty81

    IHeart Radio?

    Sometimes this shows up in my app page and sometimes not. Anybody know why that is happening? Also, to me, it sounds better than Sirius XM. Is there less compression with IHeart? Thanks!
  9. krafty81

    Saw a good looking white MME today in SD.

    Looks like a wrap on the front grille, wondering if it is a forum member. Scripps/RB area. Nice!
  10. krafty81

    Full Ceramic, PPF on Front Bumper

  11. krafty81

    Strange New Setting Problem - fixed

    When I go to "settings" under the car screen, it lets me change a setting like lighting or auto seat settings, but then the "button" goes back to being not set after about three seconds. Every time I select a setting to activate, it goes back to being unset. This happens now for almost every...
  12. krafty81

    Good ceramic installer in San Diego?

    Can anyone recommend one? Thanks.
  13. krafty81

    Sirius/XM expired?

    Received car in April 21. It now says my subscription is expired. How long is the initial subscription for that comes with the car? Anybody know? Thanks.
  14. krafty81

    Mach E Recall Announced by Fox Business
  15. krafty81

    Battery Health Recs from Ford

    Utilizing the departure times feature, setting an upper charge limit and leaving your vehicle plugged into a Level 2 AC charger help the battery stay at a healthier state of charge and maintain a healthy temperature. This was on my Ford app. Are they saying to leave the car plugged in all the...
  16. krafty81

    Samsung phone issues

    More often than not, I have a hard time hanging up my phone after a call. Have tried steering wheel and the main screen. After hanging up I usually have to reload my phone. Anyone else seeing this?
  17. krafty81

    Tint in CA

    Got my front windows tinted to CA legal 70% with 3M today. Looks great and I really notice the difference in this hot weather. While I was there, he showed me a Tesla he tinted - the entire windshield was done at 70% tint. I did not know it was legal to tint the whole windshield? Has anyone done...
  18. krafty81

    Tried Tidal - like it

    I was on a another forum. looking for a more hi-fidelity streaming experience. I started a 30 day trial with Tidal in the full HF mode. I think it sounds much better than SXM. Anybody else try it? I stream on BT wirelessly from my phone.
  19. krafty81

    Used White MME for sale at Poway Toyota

    They put it right out front!
  20. krafty81

    Forc Credit SNAFU

    So I used Ford Credit to buy my car. Says first payment due 22 May. I never received a bill in the mail from them. When I go online, it says I need the account number from the bill to setup online billpay. Calling Ford but has this happened to anybody else? I do not want to be late.