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  1. WNKent

    Cars built AFTER May 24, 2022?

    Have you taken delivery yet?
  2. WNKent

    Please explain this sticker. **question answered, thank you

    I'm guessing, Blinking blue = charging, Solid blue = charged and Yellow = fault?
  3. WNKent

    Moving Production Weeks

    Has anyone gotten a production week and you got to keep that original week? It seems that the norm is that you mostly get pushed out a couple of times.
  4. WNKent

    Profile Editing in this forum

    Does anyone know how to edit your profile? I've messaged the Admin with no response. (I got the answer, thanks).
  5. WNKent

    Order date of 12/3/21

    I've seen a few of us out there. I'm interested in knowing what your "price level" number was, on your order sheet. 🤔
  6. WNKent

    2021 orders converted to 2022 and a $750 rebate or incentive

    🆘 I need help here 🆘 I stopped by my dealership to nail down management's understanding of Price Protection. I ordered CaRt1 AWD on 12/3/21 before the 1st MSRP increase went into effect, so that $2000 Price Protection would apply to me; but the Finance Director is saying that PP only applied to...
  7. WNKent

    Transferring my order to a different dealership

    Does anyone know if this is possible and have you successfully done it?
  8. WNKent

    Two random emails from Ford with "How To" video links

    Did anyone else get these today? I'm hoping these arrive in email, just before you go into production?
  9. WNKent

    Mach-E "Pet mode"?

    Pet owners, is this a thing? We have a Tesla and this is pretty handy and wondering is there isn't a dedicated pet mode, is there a work around?