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  1. 2GOfast54

    Small red filaments

    no red filaments in cabin filter so must be coming from behind the filter. Closer inspection is 1ly at drivers side next to air vent. Been holding off on going to dealership for wind shield and other few minor adjustments but I don’t want to be breathing this stuff in,it looks &feels very fine.
  2. 2GOfast54

    Small red filaments

    Anybody find tiny red filaments scattered in front seating areas ? I can see them best on piano black areas. My guess is climate system. I don’t use AC much,but seems to show up afterwards. Grateful for any share of knowledge or experience. I’m going to check the cabin filter now.
  3. 2GOfast54

    Safety Recall 224S1 and 22S29 arrived in the middle of the night!

    Received my up date yesterday. Noticed improved braking. Does any of this update have anything to do with blue Cruze.
  4. 2GOfast54

    Cabin Air Filter

    Smell it,the old one.
  5. 2GOfast54

    Finally getting solar for charging my Mustang...

    Right on Tim! My solar arrangement sounds like yours & in a few yrs will be paid off. Loan payment is little less than reg. E bill. And saving on gas now.I’m driving the MME and the wife drives the Expedition. I offered to trade with her b/c she drives more miles than I do but she likes her...
  6. 2GOfast54

    I feel like I'm giving myself the yips switching back and forth between 1Pedal and non 1Pedal

    Try unbridled,2PD with traction control off. Has lots of regen braking and still able to coast some without coming to complete stop/roll thru and blast off. I’m a “spirted driver “ sounds like you are too.
  7. 2GOfast54

    Volume control fault

    Solar flares today ! I had some weird stuff this a.m. when started car radio volume blasting (I always turn off before shut down) and this p.m. start up to drive home,boot up was slower than usual and short time freeze. Maybe solar
  8. 2GOfast54

    This can't be normal. 24% and 29 miles?!?

    Had 205 @ 85% yesterday w/ SR battery
  9. 2GOfast54

    My custom "GT Front Grill" wrap

    Got me thinking but what is GT grill made of ?
  10. 2GOfast54

    My custom "GT Front Grill" wrap

    Thanks for the inf.,makes sense especially for us in Cali can have some brutally hot weeks during summer and park outside during day, ya better to keep stock or paint.
  11. 2GOfast54

    My custom "GT Front Grill" wrap

    Great look,I’ve been looking at grills lately and that’s the one I’m going to use. The diamond pattern matches with the black vents below. How about black wrap below stash ?. You have matte black?
  12. 2GOfast54

    How much power does Mach-E draw when plugged in but not charging?

    Rick,Thanks for the info I appreciate it and sorry for the “mild” understatement.
  13. 2GOfast54

    Charging Speeds between EVSE Brands

    Have the same unit. cost less than Ford or flex point and very happy @ 40amps w/SR battery.
  14. 2GOfast54

    How much power does Mach-E draw when plugged in but not charging?

    Greg I have a question. I live in an area with mild winters like yours. I only drive ~15mi/day . Do I need to put car on charger every night or is as needed ok. I charge when @ 50% up to 85-90% S R.
  15. 2GOfast54

    Finally getting solar for charging my Mustang...

    It’s a Sun Power system w/18? panels. Have LA DWP and solar agreement is some different than w/Edison. If I remember correctly we bank extra generation then can use if if short during anytime during the yr. no buy out if any left in bank. I think I was told by sun power that the DWP wanted...
  16. 2GOfast54

    What car did you give up for MME??

    2003 Lincoln LS sports edition was north American car of the yr. had 17yrs, was fun to drive but was costing too much to keep it running and hard to find some parts. Now mme 4 is more fun to drive and no stops to gas station. have solar & charge at home.
  17. 2GOfast54

    Finally getting solar for charging my Mustang...

    Good move! Next bev & your set to charge @ home TEE HEE….. HEE…We have 6.6kW system x 4 yrs w/ pool ac & now mme 4 and all good. But fight Calif PUC new proposed solar regs. I see you’re in Az but don’t let your utility co take away your solar investment or environmental contribution. If you...
  18. 2GOfast54

    Early 2021 Mach-E vs current 2021/22 Mach-E builds compared

    Thanks Nick,I’m going out for a drive right now to go thru all those modes. I’ve been leaving most of those controls on and didn’t realize I could turn off on from steering whee.
  19. 2GOfast54

    2021 Mach-E won't get 2022 usable Battery Increase

    Have AWD SR only 1600+miles since Aug.Charged up to 85% yesterday evening temp was low 60s to upper 50s.GOM said 190 miles. That would estimate out to 220mi. You think that’s updated?
  20. 2GOfast54

    Ford Launches Zero-Carbon Electric Vehicle Home Charging Initiative in California

    Check out what the calif public utility commission (CPUC) is trying to do. They want to deincentivize residential solar by passing an increase in transmission fee on residential solar producer and decrease buy back amts and other BS changes to squeeze more $$ out of US. (I hope) Calling out...