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  1. BalsaDust

    State Charging Infrastructure Plans

    Here's the First State Infractructure Plan, Dela-Where for those un-aware Tony
  2. BalsaDust

    Dongar dash cam adapter installation. Anyone done it yet?

    I have been using a Garmin Mini for the last few years and the only downside is that it needs a polarizing filter or else it washed out when driving into bright sunshine Tony
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    Price Protection Refund Wait Time

    Just shy of 60 days and I got my check Tony
  4. BalsaDust

    Price Protection Refund Tracking - Add Your Status

    Picked up car 6/2/22 was told I would have to wait for Ford to pay. I was given a "Due Customer Form" from dealer stating the 2K price protection. I was called on 7/29/22 that check was at dealer and did I want it mailed or pickup. Since the dealer is les tha four miles away I picked up the...
  5. BalsaDust

    Finally! excellent dealer experience...But not Ford

    TLDR; While I love my Mach -E, the wife thinks its too big for her to drive (she has driven Smart cars and a Mini Cooper Convertible lately) so we have been hunting for a BEV to suit her needs. We tried ordering a 23' Chevy Bolt EV, the price was great and still had a Delaware rebate but the...
  6. BalsaDust

    Anyone had their Mach-E damaged in transit?

    While others have had less than stellar service from their Ford dealership, I can say my local dealer (Porter Ford) has been great in my one little complaint on my MME. During my first wash I noticed a deep scratch in the driver side rear window matching up with a similar scratch it the trim...
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    Choosing between 32a plug-in and 48a hardwired

    Just my opinion and I usually speak out of my a$$ anyway, but a dedicated EVSE in the garage set at 32amps so as not to over tax the home or the car (Grizzle-e std) and keep the "Mobile" charger in the car for emergencies. Ford list it as a "Mobile" charger and thats what I consider it. Tony
  8. BalsaDust

    Mach-E Vs. Lawnmower

    You also need to make sure the body shop is capable of repairs on aluminum panels since the front fenders and hood on the Mach-E 's are aluminum. Tony
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    We have a working Frunk Button in FordPass!

    Surprise Surprise! after two months of ownership never did see the Puddle Pony but now that I have PAAK setup on my phone, she shows up in the garage! Tony
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    Electrically Adjustable Steering Column

    Please don't take this the wrong way, but did you ever check out the specs on the car and the available features? An informed salesperson could have answered this and any questions long before a purchase is made. Again no disrespect is implied, Tony
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    Do you use Rain-X windshield washer fluid?

    been using the rain-x orange in my past two Ford without issues. My MME is only 8 weeks old so it still has the factory fluid, at least till the weekend when I'll drain it and add some rainx Tony
  12. BalsaDust

    Dongar dash cam adapter installation. Anyone done it yet?

    Glad to see others getting it done quickly. Mine came in yesterday and I probably wont have time to get it installed until the weekend. Tony
  13. BalsaDust

    We have a working Frunk Button in FordPass!

    Thanks for that info, and thats what I was afraid of too. Just tried setting up PAAk again, really only for the passcode setup and we have success! Took a half hour but I finally figured it out and one more hurdle tackled! Tony
  14. BalsaDust

    We have a working Frunk Button in FordPass!

    Just a question for those of you with and without the frunk button; Those with frunk button, do you use PAAK? And those without, do you not use PAAK? I ask because another Mach-e deivered to my dealer the same day as mine and built the same week, the new owner setup PAAk and has the frunk...
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    Dongar dash cam adapter installation. Anyone done it yet? Just order direct, I ordered yesterday afternoon and its already shipped Tony
  16. BalsaDust

    Dongar dash cam adapter installation. Anyone done it yet?

    Answer is in the picture posted, Ford five Pin, happens to be the one Dongar sells for the Mach-E and most Fords listed on their website. Tony
  17. BalsaDust

    2023 Mach-E New Color: Vapor Blue Metallic

    I was really hoping for a green, ANY green. Well Higland Green Mettalic is my choice, but then again I don't plan on swapping my Grabber Blue 22' premium just for a color change. Tony
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    Dongar dash cam adapter installation. Anyone done it yet?

    I just ordered one after seeing your post, seems like an easy install per the video online. Tony
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    Poor Service

    Not Ford really, it's the dealers fault. They buy vehicles from Ford to sell to you. If I saw this when I picked up my car I would head straight to the general manager or owner. This is unacceptable when having a car serviced. In the 50 plus years of having dealt with numerous dealerships, I...
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    Solved: Charging at a Volta charging station

    While I do most of my charging at home, I rarely use the "freebie" chargers because of the abuse they receive. I have seen burnt and melted contactors as well as foreign material shoved into the contact so I always look to see if the contacts are clean before plugging in. Also the chargers at...