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  1. Sleep Mode

    I searched a few threads and found nothing definitive on Sleep Mode. My Mach GT enters sleep mode shortly after I finish a drive. Is there a reason for this and is there some way to prevent it? Not really a big deal - just wondering what the cause is. Biggest issue is my wife does not get to see...
  2. Any post 5/24 builds with expected deliveries prior to mid-July?

    Just curious if we may get any performance information for cars built after 5/24 prior to Ford rolling out the OTA update for the HVBJB recall.
  3. Santa wants one!

    Picked up my Rapid Red GT yesterday and took a trip to North Pole to visit Santa. He really likes the frunk as it will allow him to carry two bags at the same time. He is a bit worried about the lack of DCFC but has the elves working on direct charging as he flies thru earth’s magnetic fields...
  4. Battery Charging in Lieu of Preconditioning

    I have been reading many of the threads here on the Forum to learn as much as I can before my Mach arrives. A “Seven seconds in a man’s head” thought that occurred to me is if I could just chose to charge my battery in lieu of preconditioning. I drive my wife to work daily at the same time and...