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  1. China delaying American CATL plant after Pelosi Taiwan visit

    How hard is it to make batteries. We have lithium in the Salton Sea.
  2. The rising cost of gasoline isn't going to go away. [Admin warning: NO POLITICS]

    All right then no change in hurricanes frequency therefore climate change doesn't exist, scientists are just out to make money at the expense of poor oil companies
  3. The rising cost of gasoline isn't going to go away. [Admin warning: NO POLITICS]

    where's the data for the last 12 years? Are we imagining the colorado river, the rhine river, the po river the largest in italy drying up right now? Climate change is here. The only people denying it are oil companies and the politicians in their pocket.
  4. For those of you worried about charging to 100%...

    it might take many years to notice degradation. i wouldn't recommend it, if you don't have to charge to 100% for commute. 90% is what ford recommends.
  5. Senate Bill Deal to Expand EV Tax Credits (7/27/2022)

    It's to help GM and ford produce more EV instead of ice vehicles. EVs don't make as much profit as ice right now if any. Tesla does not need it though.
  6. Senate Bill Deal to Expand EV Tax Credits (7/27/2022)

    It's no longer about demand as it is about production. This would encourage more to be produced. Car makers will now make more EV if it's more profitable or as profitable as ice. With the rising cost of batteries I think Ford only breaks even with each mme sold. If they only a have a certain...
  7. HOT (OVERHEAT) PHONE using wireless charging in Mach-E

    hot phones are not good for your phone battery, i use a magnetic usbc cord to easily connect/disconnect charging in car. its as convenient as wireless charging
  8. What features / items would you pay monthly fee for?

    They should be building dash cam in. It could be a Cash cow for them with subscription service
  9. What features / items would you pay monthly fee for?

    Dash cam recording. That's something automakers if they are smart would offer. They already have the hardware
  10. Better peak charging rate or charging curve possible?

    because stop safely now
  11. Mach-E vs. IONIQ 5
  12. To Frunk or not to Frunk. That is the question.

    ioniq5 has a smaller frunk. but they prioritized interior space over frunk which a lot of people prefer. i rather have something i would use all the time than something i use sometimes
  13. Warning Labels on Gas Pumps

    Well put your nose on the exhaust pipe and try inhaling exhaust fumes for a few minutes
  14. It doesn't make sense

    Again the goal of coasting not to slow down. it's to go as far as you can with each acceleration. When you don't have an obstacle such as on highway you want this. If you have an obstacle you need to slow down for, you want regen to do it to avoid friction brakes
  15. After 11 months, keep waiting 2021 Mach E Select - Suggestion needed, What to do?

    I'm in oc too. Ordered in October delivered in may. I picked up an ioniq 5 in between. Glad I did. It's a better a car for me.
  16. MME vs Chevy Blazer EV

    If you want to compare worst case EV to best case ice suv. Here is best case EV to best case ice. My rx350 was getting 19mpg maybe 23 mpg on the highway. I charge my Ioniq 5 for free at EA. My 800 mile trip was free. Would've cost me $250 in gas. And my Ioniq 5 has a much larger interior than...
  17. Ford Options- rebate and interest rate last February?

    Ask the dealer to use their smart Vincent tool to look it up. They should know
  18. It doesn't make sense

    It's situational not either or. You want to coast when you want to go. You want to Regen when you have to slow or stop.