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  1. richsi

    California Personalized Plates

    Well, it only took the California DMV, 218 days or 7 months, 4 days or 31 weeks and 1 day to get my Personalized Plate (RSMACHE). The website says 6-8 weeks! They are such a good business model, almost as good as the Post Office! Way to go guys!
  2. richsi

    Disappointed in FORD SERVICE

    I took my MME into Fremont Ford (SF Bay Area) because it didn't display the welcome LED's (Pony). I've owned it since April and I think I saw the Pony's twice! There were 3 codes in the ODB2 port all pertaining to the LED's and associated Body Module (Camera Module). The service manager started...
  3. richsi

    Small Door/Opening in Front Bumper

    Does anyone know what the wires behind the small door in the front bumper to the left of the license plate do? I checked them with a VOM and no voltage. I was expecting to see 12 Volts DC, ( 0 VDC). I thought it was for charging the 12 volt battery without having to tear the interior of the...
  4. richsi

    Looking for a Tire/Wheel Shop

    HI folks, looking for a real good (professional) Tire/Wheel shop with some experience with customizing tires and wheels to fit the Mach-E! Not looking for the run of the mill tire shops that don't have a clue as to what they are doing, you know what I mean! I'm in the SF Bay Area (Eastbay) so...