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  1. Mach E refused Unbridled mode - too hot?

    @pr0t0c0l_dr01d That’s probably what did it. Scotty has done it on 90 degree days too; I don’t know if there’s ever been an official confirmation as to whether this is a bug or expected behavior from the car. Would love to have that answer myself!
  2. Mach E refused Unbridled mode - too hot?

    I have had the car switch modes on me while driving; unfortunately you’re not the first member to experience this. Was this starting out from a garage or after it had been parked outside?
  3. Post here if you have an active FDRS account and are willing to look up info for others

    @Mike G Thank you so much!! ☺ That is a much longer list than I was expecting… I will go in much more prepared now. This thread and forum are the best!
  4. Latest software update rendered me unable to specify charging locations

    Yes it has unfortunately. Go plug in your MME and reset your charging preferences from the car first; I found going that route forces FordPass to recall your locations if you had them previously saved. It also may require you to tweak and then adjust your options to get them all back as you had...
  5. Post here if you have an active FDRS account and are willing to look up info for others

    Hello! Could someone (at their earliest convenience) kindly run my VIN to verify I received all of the 21G01 updates? Given that my dealer said all my modules were up to date and I received the recall update OTA, I’d like to make sure that everything is installed before the CSP goes away...
  6. Unable to View OTA Update Details

    @Light_Parry Can you provide a screenshot of your software update screen? I‘m surprised you’re not seeing anything if you are showing that icon. I do know it won’t show while driving but have not seen that error; can you also not see the update completed in FordPass?
  7. Ford PowerUp 3.1.1, 3.2.1, and 3.3.1 (Update)

    Of all the things I didn’t need in my car; guess they think we’re going to spend our fuel savings buying Bezos’ next oversized piece of maritime garbage… :rolleyes:
  8. Safety Recall 224S1 and 22S29 arrived in the middle of the night!

    I received this little present overnight too; just got done resetting my charging locations and preferences as a result. Would it be too much to ask that the software not erase my settings!?!? 😒
  9. Best dealer for service in NOVA?

    I’ll say that Ted Britt Chantilly is good when you can get in. Had to wait 3 weeks to get my state inspection and 10k service done, also you’re better off scheduling with an advisor. Called in one time and said I had a concern with the high voltage battery system and the person on the other end...
  10. Did you name your Mustang Mach-e?

    Scotty was chosen because I wanted to keep my “I beat the Kobiyashi Maru” license plate frame (couldn’t do Kirk) and Infinite Blue reminded me of engaging warp drive. Now he has a homemade Starfleet emblem and custom plate reading “WRPDRV”. Yes I love my baby and expressing my fandom too.
  11. Who IS NOT having problems with their brand new Mach-e? 2021/ 2022

    I’ve owned Scotty for a year and like others, I’ve had the occasional stupid software tic now and again but I am still over the moon about having him. It’s been the most fun car to drive and definitely nicer to fill up! Enjoy your MME experience. :)
  12. Anyone find success buying a new Mach-E off lot vs from a build?

    I was fortunate with Scotty (dealer stock order); put a deposit down while he was in transit last May but was annoyed about the ADM being added in the two weeks between my inquiring about the MME and when I placed my deposit. Granted $2500 isn’t much to complain about now, especially when I was...
  13. New to OBD II stuff. Have some questions about possible error codes?

    @veronicablack Which OBD II dongle did you end up purchasing if you don’t mind me asking? I’m thinking I should invest in one for Scotty. Thank you!
  14. Need Encouragement!

    I’ve had Scotty for over a year and I’m just as thrilled now as when I took delivery! Over 10,000 miles and my big regret was leaving him at the dealer for service the other day. The software may act up, but when you get that instant response from the accelerator… the grin tends to make me...
  15. 1-Pedal Drive Turns Itself Off / Disengages Itself while Driving

    Did you see an icon indicating you had received an OTA update? My 1PD was disengaged after an update recently and it scared the daylights out of me when approaching an intersection… love my baby but he does some silly things at times
  16. Train tracking question - Maryland DC Suburbs

    When Scotty was delivered last year, he came off the train in Delaware and was trucked in from there. I’m across the river in Virginia but I imagine it would be the same destination port. Have you seen a Vehicle Visibility Report from your salesperson?
  17. Free Electrify America Charging Weekend (Memorial Day?)

    I charged at an EA station earlier today and had kwh deducted from my 250 included with purchase so it doesn’t seem to be free today. Had to laugh when I saw I was the only one at those stations and the EVGo spaces were all occupied.
  18. Women who own this car!!

    I've had Scotty for almost a year and I am in love with this car. Welcome to the family and we're glad to have you here.
  19. Twice this week my MME didn't charge overnight

    I’ve had an occasional issue with Scotty not starting to charge at the scheduled time if I plug him in too early; usually unplugging from the car and re plugging will fix It. Of course we shouldn’t have these issues in an ideal world and 12:00 am is a heck of a time to be checking your charging...
  20. I Love This Car!

    Exactly how I feel about Scotty.