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  1. Another odd PAAK issue

    I’ve generally had decent luck with PAAK in the past. Recently PAAK works for opening 3 doors but not the passenger front. If I walk up to the car and push the passenger front button to open I get nothing. Then if I push the rear passenger door button, BOTH front and rear doors open. Now when I...
  2. Received OTA 2.1 for the 3rd time.

    I purchased my Premium 4x in September, it’s a June build. My first OTA was 1.4 in November or December. I got 2.1 first week in January this year and all seemed to go normal. Got the notification in FP and in car just like 1.4. A couple weeks later I got 2.3 and again all normal. Then last week...
  3. mi/kw calculation is backwards

    I think I may be losing my mind but maybe my thinking is backwards. I didn’t really pay much attention to this until today. But the harder I drive my MME (awd ex) the higher the mi/kw gets. Normally in good temps (70’s and up) I get 3.2 to 3.3. Today coming home, I decided to test and see how...
  4. Ambient Lighting

    Is there no rear seat ambient lighting or is this another software issue my Premium has? I even looked at the owners manual. It didn’t give up any information.