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  1. Amber charger default

    Car was checked out at dealer to replicate default but after a couple of hours decided it wasn't enough time and requires a day at dealership. Andy was immediately available for ev customers. Shultz Ford of Wexford sold at msrp and service 4 stars. Any ideas or is this common and charger...
  2. Highest miles 100% charged @ 291

    It's 90 deg and range is 291. Highest our GTPE has clocked in 5000 miles and 6 month of ownership. My wife drives on whisper avg 45mph locally showing 3.5kwh avg per trip. Today is our first long drive 190 miles round trip. Will let everyone know outcome.
  3. Valet mode on limp mode

    Ford needs to add limp mode to valet mode to stop car techs from driving car off lot when in for routine service. I dropping car off to have a dash cam installed, then over to have it rustproofed, another drop off for wrap then tint etc.