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  1. Safety Recall 224S1 and 22S29 arrived in the middle of the night!

    We initially got the Mach-E over a Tesla because of the tax credit. Plus the wife prefers the look of the Ford. It’s had the typical software quirks known for the car but most of its been fixed by now. We currently have an appointment to have the front camera fixed/replaced as it’s gone into...
  2. Front Camera Fault & Pre-Collision Assist Not Available Errors

    Damn, our front Camera completely faulted out and had disabled pre collision assist and all cruise control. Really sucks because I was banking on driving the Mach-E on my new longer commute . Took it to the local dealer and even though I made an appointment, they wanted to keep it for 4 days...
  3. Safety Recall 224S1 and 22S29 arrived in the middle of the night!

    We got the same updates yesterday evening. 2021 Select AWD. Manufactured in March I believe.
  4. Gas for emergency?

    I’m a fuel hauler and smell gasoline, Diesel and oil all day at work. Then I get to smell poorly tuned diesel trucks idling at the pumps….I’ll pass on keeping gas in the car. Otherwise I get the charging situation. Fortunately across Texas it’s improving rapidly but fortunately as of...
  5. China delaying American CATL plant after Pelosi Taiwan visit

    it’s a setback but ultimately if it spurs North Americans to more seriously make the investments than I’m all for it.
  6. Gas for emergency?

    I’m sure you’d enjoy a car that smells like gasoline and motor oil all the time.
  7. Electrify America Mach-E’s

    Visiting family in Round Rock Texas and walked into an outlet center while charging. Came out too this scene!
  8. How often does your Ford mobile charger overheat?

    The FMC is useless when it’s hot out. Never expected to rely on it anyways. Installed a Grizzl-e on day one.
  9. What features / items would you pay monthly fee for?

    With the prices we are paying for these cars, they can lick my butthole if someone thinks I’m paying a subscription for stuff I already paid for.
  10. Smart EVSE charge scheduling

    You’ll get messages on the Ford app saying the car isn’t charging every time you plug in…that was the one and only straw that made me cancel that in a hurry 🤣. Plus we don’t get any kind of deal like that with the city of College Station.
  11. Warning Labels on Gas Pumps

    To be clear, it don’t believe they are the only ones, just those who’d be triggered by “gasoline bad” stickers.
  12. Warning Labels on Gas Pumps

    Yes….no, YES, no
  13. Grizzl-e Smart Charger

    I’m glad to see I’m not just a dummy who couldn’t figure it out. I really wish they didn’t label 🏷 it as a “smart” charger.
  14. Grizzl-e Smart Charger

    Thanks for the info, I’ll give the other apps a look.
  15. Grizzl-e Smart Charger

    Update us on that pig.

    Good, bury Ford in litigation. These automakers must be continuously reminded to stop cheaping out on critical components.
  17. 2023 Reservations - Ideas/Updates/Possibilities

    Ford with a quality build? I want what you are smoking. The doors sound like a 90’s sedan when you close them, camera faults, constant software glitches and a choppy ride. I can’t speak for Tesla but damnit, it’s a FORD 🤣
  18. 2.8.2 Rocks! Improves Bluecruise camera performance.

    Sounds nice. We finally got blue cruise activated and within a week the front camera faulted out and now I don’t even have basic cruise control and no way to get it fixed anytime soon.
  19. Grizzl-e Smart Charger

    Do you have any screenshots of the app screen? What all data dose it give?
  20. Grizzl-e Smart Charger

    Yeah, the ChargeLab. If you know of any others, let me know😝