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  1. 2GOfast54

    Small red filaments

    Anybody find tiny red filaments scattered in front seating areas ? I can see them best on piano black areas. My guess is climate system. I don’t use AC much,but seems to show up afterwards. Grateful for any share of knowledge or experience. I’m going to check the cabin filter now.
  2. 2GOfast54

    Just finished skimming thru all of General Mach-E Topics. Careful charging with car cover on.

    Wow,what an education. Have had my MME since Aug 2021 and didn’t find forum until November 8th. Much more helpful then the owners manual that I downloaded and printed. More practical information for a new BEV owner and would recommend all new owners to skim thru for topics of interest and always...
  3. 2GOfast54

    First time 180 mile round trip with SR AWD Select

    From home(NELA) that’s local vernacular for north east Los Angeles near the Rose Bowl,north to Carpenteria Ca (just so of Santa Barbara ) navig tells me 3 routes; shortest is 87mi HWY 134 to HWY 101 ( high traffic density),2 other route options are 101&103 miles (1 is route I usually drive b/c...