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  1. PaaK Oddity (redundant, I know)

    I haven't found anything in the forum that matches this particular behavior, perhaps because it ought to go in the Embarrassing Discoveries thread... 3 times now over the past couple of weeks I walk up to the car and it unlocks just fine. Surprising, I know. But then I get in and hit the start...
  2. Embarrassing discoveries?

    This morning my son noticed the weird cubby under the center console. Embarrassingly, I'd never noticed it before. This was way worse than realizing the load floor in the back could move, because I'm not usually in the trunk. What have you found on your MME that you really should have noticed...
  3. HEEBYJEEBY recall - guess mine's OK

    Since the 1.4L Zetec inline 4 doesn't have the janky contactors, does this mean my car is fine? Ford's ETIS system is confusing... ;-)
  4. 1st week impressions - GT

    Here's a handful of random-ish observations, based on 400 miles of driving. I had a Model 3 Stealth Performance before, and we just got a Taycan a couple days ago, so those are my comparisons. Overall impression, it's a good car, fun to drive, and great looking. Worth $65k? Probably not, at...
  5. How's this deal look? GT arriving Thursday!

    Just heard from my dealer that my GT will be to them by eod Thursday, and I can pick it up on Monday. Here's the deal they put together: 2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E GT AWD Pricing Detail MSRP: $64,735.00 YOUR Purchase Price: $62,235.00 (INCLUDES MSRP Pricing and Ford $2,500 Options Rebate)...
  6. 2021 GT listed for $75K

    Used 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E For Sale at Stamford Ford | VIN: 3FMTK4SX3MME01890 And TrueCar says it's a Fair price! How long do you have to own the car to make sure there's no issues with the tax credit?
  7. FoMoCo cut interest rate on 84-month financing for GTs

    2022 Ford Mach-E GT 84-Month Financing Rate Slashed - CarsDirect 4.9% isn't the worst interest rate in the world anymore. 84 months is a long time, but at this point you'd probably never be upside down in the loan.
  8. Texas blockades

    Anyone hear anything about shipping delays due to the trucker blockades at the Tex/Mex border? If I can't get my car or fresh tomatoes I am going to be very annoyed with Gov Abbot. As should everyone.
  9. ICE-rage in the MME?

    When I drove a Tesla, I often saw little microaggressions from other drivers, particularly pickups, and especially diesels. Some of it was imagined, sure, fed by stories of coal rolling, tailgating, brake checking, ICEing chargers, etc. I also saw regular-way aggressions, including coal...
  10. Shop.Ford tracker not working - cyclical or typical?

    Yesterday morning the tracker was working, then yesterday afternoon and all day today it just clears the form after a second. Is it down for everyone most of the time, or is it only occasionally? Has anyone noticed a correlation with any other activity? Maybe all the 3/28 build week folks are...