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  1. Red Ring of HEAT

    *****UPDATE**** Finally drove back after nearly a month in San Diego. The trip went as it should have on the way there. Left with 95% charge. Stop #1 charged to 80% in 25min no issues. Stop number #2 also no issues heat and all. Total return trip charging 50 minutes to cover 400 miles. I...
  2. Price Protection Refund Tracking - Add Your Status

    Ordered 8/18/2021 took delivery 7/07/2022 Check received 7/26/2022 Shocked it came so fast. Car has only been back to the dealer for service twice in 600 miles.
  3. Choosing between 32a plug-in and 48a hardwired

    Yep, tried all of the above several times.
  4. Choosing between 32a plug-in and 48a hardwired

    Or in my case find out the mobile charger doesnt work on a road trip. Brand new out of the box charger.
  5. Broken Ford EVSE first time use

    I would except the Prius is 374 miles away in AZ.
  6. Broken Ford EVSE first time use

    Several times. Without plugging into vehicle blue LED lights, then red and ultimately yellow, Can not be overheat as its 67 degrees here.
  7. Broken Ford EVSE first time use

    Trip to San Diego besides getting red ring of heat in El Centro and now after a week at Mossy Ford the brand new never used EVSE doesnt work. New as in original case still wrapped in plastic. Red Ring issue hopefully fixed with confirmation of module updates. Not sure what was working ok no...
  8. Bluecruise stopped working?

    I lost BC and the ability to charge L3. Found this out the hard way. If your planning a trip double check Snyc 4A software rev and ability to L3 charge.
  9. EA Charging Issue (session ends after 4kWh gained)

    I charged after driving on the Interstate at 116 degress and got stranded in El Centro as car would not charge. Car did have a lot of miles almost 300 at the time. Maybe it was worn out.
  10. EA Charging Issue (session ends after 4kWh gained)

    Can MME's only be charged when the outside temp is 70 +/- 5 degrees?
  11. Considering selling my Mach-E

    I've had mine for almost two weeks and been to the dealer twice. Look to live next a dealer if you keep the car.
  12. Here's a failure I hadn't seen before: System Update has come unstuck in time…

    Mine wouldn't let me schedule any updates. Dealer loaded different version of Sync and the scheduling opened up again. Whether it actually works is another story.
  13. Red Ring of HEAT

    While I get that its hot. Haven't seen any Teslas having heat related charging issues. If it is heat related, very poor design.
  14. Electrify America charging and Ford credits

    I had the same issue. Ford updated Ford Pass and settings changed. I had to update phone and re-select settings. Works for now
  15. Red Ring of HEAT

    el Centro Ford
  16. Red Ring of HEAT

    yep and havent washed it yet
  17. Red Ring of HEAT

    That was my lottery winner.
  18. Red Ring of HEAT

    agree. Does this fault happen easily? If so, thats really bad
  19. Red Ring of HEAT

    Absolutely nice people. I sent the GM an e-mail of thanks.