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  1. Price Protection Refund Tracking - Add Your Status

    Yes. Thank you for this reminder. I order mine in November. I just emailed the general manager about this as it was negated by my salesman and the finance department at the dealership. I bought my mme on Friday. I paid the December price increase rate, as that was what was on my vehicle...
  2. 5/2/22 Build Week Gang

    I just got mine on Friday and r Did so much driving for the heck of it that I knotched on 150 miles on the odometer. I don't know how that happened. I'm really loving this car. The premium sound system is way better than the premium sound in my acura.
  3. Price Protection Refund Tracking - Add Your Status

    I was told by Ford that the dealer has to sell it to me at the original price from my order on nov 8, 2021. That the order has to match the name of the sale. And that the dealer would get refunded. The sales person told me they would sell it at sticker price. I didn't want to haggle with them...
  4. 5/2/22 Build Week Gang

    Has everyone from this build week gotten their car? Mine was off the rail car on July 4th. Its a few hours away and apparently has been waiting for a truck to drive it down for the past 10 days. My dealer has been silent and doesn't seem to advocate for it to get here... This, after it sat in...
  5. 5/2/22 Build Week Gang

    Yeah. Im curious too. Mine should hit the dealer this week. It left the Argentine yard and hit Fort Worth, Tx on July 4. We live in Austin, about a 3 hour drive, but it hasn't hit the dealership yet.
  6. 5/2/22 Build Week Gang

    I just learned why there's been no movement of my mme from the argentine, ks yard for a month.. they just ordered a heated steering wheel replacement on Saturday for it. I wonder how its going to get installed when it was loaded onto a rail car 2 weeks ago.
  7. 5/2/22 Build Week Gang

    I think I pissed off the wrong people at Ford's customer service when insisting they call the transportation service to track it.
  8. 5/2/22 Build Week Gang

    my dates on ford's website just now changed from 7/2-7/8 to 7/8 -7/14
  9. 5/2/22 Build Week Gang

    Yes. I feel that something is wrong but I can't get anyone at Ford to really look into it. Makes me feel very vulnerable doing business with this company. I'm calling Tesla today to get an alternative car on the backburner. This is really frustrating.
  10. 5/2/22 Build Week Gang

    I've had the roughest time tracking mine. Ford's customer service/marketing department has been quite unhelpful. It's been at Argentine yard in Ks since June 5th. Over the past few weeks I was told it was handled by different transportation companies with different tracking numbers. The last...
  11. 5/2/22 Build Week Gang

    Yeah. Mine has been stuck at the argentine yard in Kansas for 3 weeks. Its loaded on the train, and the jack Cooper transport company told me they have no idea why the train hasn't left. I called ford and they said they have no idea and don't know what department at ford can figure it out. Im...
  12. 5/2/22 Build Week Gang

    My mach e is stuck in the argentine yard of kansas since last week. I don't know how long its going to sit there but its very frustrating with a delivery date of July 2-8 after the car arrived in Missouri on June 2nd.
  13. 5/2/22 Build Week Gang

    Mine is in Missouri now. I guess close to kc. Not sure how long it has to be in kc before they ship it back down to Texas.
  14. 5/2/22 Build Week Gang

    Mine is also in Laredo, Tx and I live in Austin, Tx. A 3 hour drive away.. yet I still have a July delivery date. A month away. Why must it go to kc first?
  15. 5/2/22 Build Week Gang

    I got the built email too. They said between July 2-8. We're in Austin, Tx.
  16. 5/2/22 Build Week Gang

    Modules just came through today. A lot of em. Space white premium.
  17. 5/2/22 Build Week Gang

    Thank you. That was very helpful. Im in batch 5676.. 196/360
  18. 5/2/22 Build Week Gang

    Strange. I got an email from Ford saying my car is scheduled for production the week of May 2, and they gave me a VIN but no window sticker. My dealer has been pretty useless, but at least they aren't raising my cost above MSRP.
  19. 5/2/22 Build Week Gang

    How do you find your batch number and window sticker? I ordered a premium back in early November.