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  1. Price Protection Refund Tracking - Add Your Status

    We picked up our Mach e on 05/07/2022 and received the 2000 dollar price protection refund on 06/24/2022
  2. Do you really know your car?

    Well the 150kw would be first choice for 2 reasons 1. Mach e only take 150kw max and 2. The cost per kw is cheaper on 150 kw than the 350kw
  3. Are premium AWD extended battery slowest to build ?

    We ordered our Premium AWD Extended range 11/20/2021 it was built 03/23/2022 and received it 05/07/2022
  4. ChargePoint Home Flex Charger

    Your kWh charge is regulated by your breaker amp did you use 6-50 or 14-50 plug in? If you did then 50 amp breaker is as big as you go now if it’s hardwired in with no plug in then you can go I think to 80 amp breaker but that won’t do any good cause Mach e is restrict to about 11 kWh which...
  5. ChargePoint Home Flex Charger

    When you say change charging amp you mean for get max kWh charge
  6. Is anyone else worried about replacing a battery pack in the future?

    I don't know about that my brother has 1969 that he bought in 1973 and he still has and drives it
  7. Home Chargers

    NO ours is being feed off a 100 amp subpanel box in garage so I know what AMP is being used
  8. Home Chargers

    I have Chargepoint Home Flex 14-50 that I purchased and installed as a hardwire setup with 60 amp breaker which in turn gives me about 10.94 KWH charge which works real well for me it takes about 5 to 5-1/2 hours to charge from 28% kwh to charge to 90% kwh
  9. Help! Picking up Order today. Dealer won't honor price protection

    We purchased our Mach e from the dealer on May 8 2022 it was ordered Nov 21 2021 received a call from the dealer July 14 2022 and told me they had check for us for 2000 dollars cause price protection.
  10. Best all season tires?

    what kind of wheels are those
  11. No Recall On My 2022 MME

    Our build date was 03/23/2022 and I received a message on the Ford pass app for recall to take it to dealer or OTA update in Mid July
  12. Who IS NOT having problems with their brand new Mach-e? 2021/ 2022

    Can ask what kind of phone you have cause I have IPhone now and looking at new phone but the phone I have now works great for PAAK on the Mach e I haven’t taking keys with me in 2 months now
  13. Who IS NOT having problems with their brand new Mach-e? 2021/ 2022

    Sorry to hear you’re having so many problems with your Mach e
  14. Who IS NOT having problems with their brand new Mach-e? 2021/ 2022

    We've had our 22 Premium AWD Ext Range for 2 months now and have aquire about 3,000 miles with no major problems other than few quirks here and there but I believe ford will get the problems workout. I've never owned a car that I enjoying driving as much as this Mach e and I have drove a lot of...
  15. 1430/14-30 plug

  16. Mach E More Easily Damaged Than Other Cars

    By chance are your dents about where you place your hands to close the hood if so your suppose place your hands to closer to edge of the hood which is a stronger spot to pushing on
  17. With Level 2 charger, is it better/safer to charge at lower currents/power?

    I don’t know of any type batteries that prefer high amp charge but sometimes you have no choice when you have EV. I can tell that’s all I’ve charge with since I purchased this car is at home with 48 amps which works out to about 10.92 kWh and takes about 6 hours
  18. Walk Away Lock Notification

    you can turn the function off