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  1. Burned out wall receptacle and plug. ugh (JuiceBox 40)

    It is the strangest thing that people easily spend $60,000 on a car but will try to save a few bucks on the electrical hook up. I saw the same thing with electrical services for new houses here in Alaska. No inspector outside the city and you would regularly see someone building a $200,000 house...
  2. Setup a stop at charge %

    Select “Charging” then “charge settings” and then “preferred charge times”. If your location is not there it will need to be added.
  3. Safety Recall 224S1 and 22S29 arrived in the middle of the night!

    Not sure this will help but did you reset your charging locations? The only issues regarding charging that I have read is that owners have had to reset some settings.
  4. Senate Bill Deal to Expand EV Tax Credits (7/27/2022)

    You need to check the IRS requirements. I am pretty sure from what I have read that you have to take possession of and place the vehicle into operation and not just have a purchase agreement. This was discussed elsewhere on the forum. I could be wrong though. One of the discussions was someone...
  5. Unable to charge normally after the last update

    I do not have the update but have you tried reinstalling Ford Pass? Seems like there may be some conflicting control of the charging. Just a guess though.
  6. Help with software update

    My understanding is it was a server handshake (got the same message) so I would expect the update to take place in the near future. Seems like a bunch of OTA’s taking place so I am expecting something next week. Of course I could be wrong!
  7. Garage Opener

    I wonder what that means? For myself we had the kick sensor eliminated for the rear hatch; however, in my case everything was installed but it was not programmed. I believe later build dates are no longer built with the module. The garage door opener switch is located on the visor. If the...
  8. Safety Recall 224S1 and 22S29 arrived in the middle of the night!

    Received that too. Somebody posted previously that when you get the check mark and the message you received (same as I did) that it is just a Ford server handshake. No update but the Ford servers checked your system to see if it is ready for the OTA. Sounds logical to me as I have not received...
  9. Can I have two owners help us test out this Seat Belt Panel Protector sticker?

    The white warning stickers on the visor. Not sure you want to produce something specifically to cover a safety label (although I would use it.) It is one thing for an owner to do it but it may be a liability issue for a manufacturer. That being said I am not an attorney!
  10. 22S41 & 22S29 Recall OTA Software Are Out

    Somebody posted on some thread that they got the OTA and shortly thereafter the illuminated wrench. Last day or two I think. Can’t recall which thread though.
  11. Charging at home

    120V or 240V? Did you press the charge to 100% option? Finally have you set your home up as a charge location?
  12. Why did my car try to charge outside of set hours?

    At what rate does your car charge? Also is your schedule only set in the car? Note that your car will start charging outside its charge window if it can not reach your target charge in that time. Mine charges at 9kW so it would not charge from 18% to 90% in your charge window; therefore, it...
  13. Stop Safely Now (HVBJB): Mach-E Owners Biggest Fear - Facts and Info Thread

    So maybe we should just refer to the new ones as HVBJB vs HVBJB as they are beefier! Seriously though thanks for all the info you have shared.
  14. HVBJB service notice after recall firmware update

    Just to be sure did you have the HVBJB failure on your current GT or just anticipating failure?
  15. All 50 states have submitted EV charger plans

    Well most of Alaska does not have roads either! The AK plan does electrify the Railbelt which is the main road system which basically parallels the Alaska Railroad; however, there is a 100 mile section with no electric distribution. I believe the key here in Alaska for EV adoption is a focus on...
  16. Ok, there’s too many Mach-Es now 😉

    Only a few EV here in Fairbanks. I actually believe most people do not even notice. Now this winter when every ICE rig is producing a cloud they will notice for sure!
  17. Ok, there’s too many Mach-Es now 😉

    I like my Mach and so does my wife but when it comes down to it it is just a car.
  18. The rising cost of gasoline isn't going to go away. [Admin warning: NO POLITICS]

    Our gasoline prices have dropped 15%. I imagine after Labor Day they will drop more as demand drops. I do not ever expect to see the low prices of a few years ago when oil dropped to below $25 a barrel but I do feel the biggest driving factor is the price of oil and seasonal demand. Inflation is...

    I would be surprised if it were greater than 0.1%. Here in Fairbanks we are not the norm but at over 20,000 residential meters I can not recall a single three phase connection although there may have been. Going three phase the cost goes up significantly and demand charges would most likely...