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  1. jhalkias


    It’s summer again in Ohio . . . Where are all the threads complaining about the GOM increasing your range?? 😂
  2. jhalkias

    Earth Day Car Show in Hudson, OH

    Great event and EV car show put on by Drive Electric NE Ohio. I won for Sportiest/Most Customized by putting ice and drinks in the Frunk. 😂Big hit. Just think if I had shrimp and wings! Two of us with nearly identical Mach E’s. Mine a FE and his a Premium. The Rivian drew the most attention...
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    Wheel Bearings Podcast and driving the Mach E in bad conditions

    Had my question discussed on the most recent Wheel Bearings Podcast about what is the best mode to drive the Mach E in bad (read slippery and snow) conditions that grew out of a discussion I was having with another forum member. If you don't already listen to the Podcast, it is a really good one...
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    Road Tripping, EA, the ID4, and the upcoming Ionic 5

    Just got back Sunday from my 3rd road trip from Ohio to VA, and EVERY stop to charge at EA but one I saw one or more ID4's charging. In most cases several. The issue is when I talk to any of them, they all seem to be local, and using the free juice that they get for 3 years at EA. Many of them...
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    So how many miles do you have on your Mach E?

    I picked up my FE Mustang Mach E on Saturday 2/27/21. I have really only done ONE road trip of about 900 miles RT, but drive about 90 miles RT M-F to work. Just hit 20K. Minimal issues and LOVE my car. How many miles do you have? I'm sure I am not the mileage "King"
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    For Those interested in a deep dive into autonomy and driving

    Just about done with this book (available on Audible too) Highly recommend for a really deep dive about driving and the fallacies being peddled about autonomy.
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    Despite Musk claims, Tesla will not be at L5 by end of year

    Autos & TransportationTesla tells regulator that full self-driving cars may not be achieved by year-end Hyunjoo Jin 2 minute read A Tesla Model X electric car is seen at the Brussels Motor Show, Belgium, January 9, 2020. REUTERS/Francois Lenoir/File Photo Tesla Inc (TSLA.O) told a...
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    Electric F-150 to be dubbed "F-150 Lightning"
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    Drive Electric event in Lakewood OH (near Cleveland)

    Saturday May 8th, 12-4.
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    PAAK Issues and resolution

    I did not post about my PAAK issues in the past because I wanted to wait to see if they would get resolved and what the resolution would be. The issues I was having were also perhaps somewhat unique when compared to the normal "it doesn't work 100% of the time". Back to the week before my car...
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    Lane Keeping, ACC, darkness, and rain

    Had something new happen this morning, and I will be curious to see if any of you see this in the future. Lane keeping with ACC has been pretty much flawless for me. Works great, other than nagging me to hold the wheel when I already have a hand on the wheel - just not applying any torque...
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    Change of heart from the #notamustang petition starter

    Nice short article for the #notamustang crowd
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    2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E Review – Beyond the Badge

    "This isn’t a grudgingly-made, apologetic EV; it doesn’t feel performative or half-assed."
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    Wireless CarPlay and the "hot" phone

    Finally paid attention to something this morning . . . Every day when I have picked up my phone after driving to work, I have noticed the phone is very hot to the touch. I haven't paid attention to the battery percentage, but now I think I will. This is using wireless Apple CarPlay, Waze, and...
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    How will BIG suitcases fit? Here’s how.

    Back floor in lower position. These are our largest travel checked bags. Will not fit on their sides length wise because of the angle of the back seats. Sorry . . . No ??? boxes.
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    Departure Settings - you gotta have a plug

    I found out much to my chagrin that departure settings ONLY work if the Mach E is plugged in. BTW, if you have your departure setting set to "warm" I felt like I was getting into a Toaster and had to open my windows. I do not have a plug at work, and even though I have a departure setting set...
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    Mod or McGyver?

    Guys, this is my first interior mod. When I drive, I lean and rest my right leg against whatever is on the right side. I am 6’1” so I need room to bend and rest my leg. On my Escape, that was a flat surface. On the Mach E, this is an uncomfortable hard edge of the center console. So I bought a...