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  1. Unexpected Discount showed up in MME order

    ordered premium rwd on 2/11 and just noticed a 325 discount. anyone know what its for? Dealer Selling Price E20 Base MSRP E11 $49,100.00 Total Options E124 -$325.00 Destination and Delivery Charges E22 $1,100.00 Total MSRP E122 $49,875.00
  2. DC charging post HVBJB software update

    Has anyone notice any change to DCFC speed after the update? Im still on fence in getting it if it might slow down DCFC.
  3. Lost license plate screws inside front bumper

    So I accidentally pushed one of these license plate fasteners into the front bumper after drilling a hole to mount the holder. The plastic pin just fell inside. I don't see how I can get it out or if I need to?
  4. MME vs Ioniq 5. An owners perspective

    So I finally picked up my MME RWD select with tech PKG last week. I've been driving base model Ioniq 5 AWD for the past 3 mos. MSRP are 48700 for i5 and 47300 for MME before incentives. First impressions of MME was the nice interior. The materials are premium. Surprised it was so nice for a...
  5. Lane Centering Assist in city

    Just got my MME select with tech. I couldn't get it to do lane centering in the city like my Ioniq 5 does. I was wondering if lane centering can work in city roads independently of ACC?
  6. Help! Picking up Order today. Dealer won't honor price protection

    I'm going to pick up my MME today. They sent me the quote today with the current MRSP that reflects the MRSP increase. I have documentation of the original ordered price before the increase. This was just a screen capture of my order with original price and their acceptance of the order from...
  7. Rented out your MME on Turo?

    Thinking of renting out my Ioniq 5 on turo for the first time while on vacation. Anyone tried this yet? What was your experience?
  8. What's your RWD efficiency?

    Getting my RWD select in a month and was wondering what mi/kwh are people getting in their MME RWD. I currently have Ioniq 5 AWD and getting 3.7 mi/kwh (3.3 hwy/4.1 city) in moderate Cali weather.
  9. bZ4X likely available this month

    Cool design but mediocre specs like the Voltera. AWD adds 14HP for 215 total HP 😂 Toyota will lose tax credit before ford. I wouldnt cancel my MME order for it.
  10. CA potentially has largest Lithium store

    This is great if they can extract it. The US can be energy independent without oil some day
  11. So I picked up an Ioniq 5

    While waiting for MME for the past 4 mos without any uodate i decided to check out Ioniq 5. Really like the good reviews and the cool design. Called around and every dealer had a markup 3 to 10k. I stumbled on Tustin hd who apparently prides itself on no ADM. I couldn't believe it. i figured...
  12. EV6 Vs MME

    Good review and comparison from Alex on Auto who owns a MME EV6 seems better than MME except for looks and availability
  13. When is the next MME scheduling day?

    No luck for many of us this week. Anyone know when the next scheduling week is?
  14. Charging 12V Battery using solar

    Just wondering if a solar panel like this on the roof of your car can be used to top off the 12V battery. This theoretically can improve range since less power from HVB will be used to charge the LVB during driving, maybe also improve range if LVB is used a lot. I'm not sure if the heater/ac...
  15. Order Confirmed email

    I placed my order 10/19 and it was accepted a few days later by dealer. I get an email from Ford 60 days later saying my order is confirmed. Is this normal or did my dealer finally submitted my order 60 days later?
  16. Select roof color

    I noticed some photos/videos of the select trim have black roof and some have the same roof color as the body. Is there an option to choose a black roof color for the select trim? Or maybe the black roof photos were actually premium trim mislabeled as select trim? Here's a space white select...
  17. Ford switching to LiFeSO battery?

    Interesting news regarding Ford plant in China using BYD battery possibly LiFESO which is better than the battery in Mexican MME