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  1. Electric Goat

    No Drill License Holder Options?

    Just keep it off. Cops don't care anymore due to other cops pulling drivers over and shooting them over insignificant stuff like air fresheners hanging on the rearview mirror.
  2. Electric Goat

    2022 Mach-E GT Performance Edition Sets Barrett-Jackson Daily Auction Record @ $113,300

    Yikes, that's ridiculous. 😂 Hopefully that $113,000 Mach-E comes with an updated HVBJB!
  3. Electric Goat

    Kia EV6 GT. MME Killer???

    This is exciting. This is bringing us one step closer to seeing some really fun and really sporty electric cars. I'll pass on this KIA but I'll appreciate what it's about to do the hot hatch market.
  4. Electric Goat

    The rising cost of gasoline isn't going to go away. [Admin warning: NO POLITICS]

    I'd like to see both domestic and global supply reduced. The Boomers, for decades, have had every opportunity to do the right thing but we're now at the point at which innovation needs to happen via a little bit of financial pain.
  5. Electric Goat

    The rising cost of gasoline isn't going to go away. [Admin warning: NO POLITICS]

    Good! While were at it, we should age out 85, 87, 89 & 91 octane. 93 and up only. This will allow smaller engines to run high compression thus more efficient. We should also build more nuclear plants to power EVs and to aid renewable energy in the power hungry process of creating carbon neutral...
  6. Electric Goat

    State of Charge - Ford F-150 Lightning: Exclusive Interview With Ford VP, Darren Palmer

    😂 @ the idea of auto opening doors. No thank you. My doors don't even open properly as it is. Two button presses is required 25% of the time for rear doors. 10% of the time it requires me to open the front door first then the rear doors will respond. I don't trust the dev team to know how to...
  7. Electric Goat

    Electrically Adjustable Steering Column

    I can't wait until Lincoln and Cadillac start pumping out EVs and I can't wait until manufacturers start pumping out true performance EVs. The downside of the Mach-E is that it tries to be too many things to too many people. Personally, I couldn't care less about cooled seats or an electronic...
  8. Electric Goat

    2023 Mach-E New Color: Vapor Blue Metallic

    Yes! Thanks @Ford Motor Company for listening and delivering!
  9. Electric Goat


    Good. Ford should be sued for this fuck up too.
  10. Electric Goat

    "Normal" amount of EV & Charging related apps?

    Been an owner for 9 months and so far I have: ZEFNet Electrify America Electrify Canada ChargePoint EVGO Shell Recharge PlugShare A Better Route Planner FordPass ChargeHub ... and most importantly because my HVBJB could fail at any moment and leave me stranded 11. State Farm (for...
  11. Electric Goat

    Why I'll Never Own Another ICE Vehicle. Will You?

    My next car will also be a full EV but my wife's car is still an ICE. We'd probably get a plug-in hybrid for her next vehicle. The charging and tech is not fast and reliable enough for traversing through rural canada, the great plains states and the rural mountain states. Fast chargers are...
  12. Electric Goat

    Is there *any* fan noise during L2 charging?

    Yes. The fans have kicked on for me during Level 1 charging.. outside temp was 95 F
  13. Electric Goat

    Help me calm down after another service screw up...

    To thread starter... sorry for the pain that your Ford dealer is causing you. Side note... the chill looking guy in the massive joint pic must be the same chill/take your damn time guy that's in charge of hitting the OTA button for owners to get their updates.
  14. Electric Goat

    Tesla's Non-Tesla Supercharger Pilot Program To Open In US In 2022

    Tesla still might convert existing chargers to dual use. However, Tesla is in the process of engineering a better charger in order to meet all of the guidelines for federal funding... including the following
  15. Electric Goat

    Tesla FSD - RIP?

    I heard that Farley hired Karpathy so that some of us can finally get our first OTA. 🤡
  16. Electric Goat

    Would you pay for BlueCruise?

    Nope. I passed on the BlueCruise package when I was optioning out my 2021 MME GT. No regrets.
  17. Electric Goat

    What's your next EV?

    Yes yes yes... also a Taycan GTS
  18. Electric Goat

    What's your next EV?

    I'm planning to keep my Mach-E until everyone figures out how to improve winter range by at least 30% and battery density increases by at least 30% I'll probably replace my wifes ICE car with some sort of plug-in hybrid. Owning the Mach-E has made is painfully clear that manufacturers...