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  1. HuntingPudel

    Bay Area End of Summer Meet-Up

    I guess we missed a Spring meet-up. Anyone up for an end-of-summer meet-up (or maybe we should just forget end of summer and just do a Fall meet-up)? Anyone got a good location? Mid-morning seemed to work best for people in the past. Date/time suggestions? 😎🐩
  2. HuntingPudel

    Cargo Rings

    Hello @AOSK . I was looking at the cargo net that you have available. I see that it's attached to 4 cargo rings in the photo. Do oyu have any plans to duplicate those forward cargo rings? It seems that the EU market cars (and I assume the CN market cars too) get the forward rings, but the NA...
  3. HuntingPudel

    Walk Away Lock Notification

    I always hit the lock button on the inside door panel, the lock icon on the outside of the door, or the 7-8/9-0 combination on the keypad before I walk away from my car. I almost always verify by watching the mirrors fold before walking away. For the last couple of weeks, I have been getting a...
  4. HuntingPudel

    My Car Got Customized 😕

    Heading home after the software update for the recall, I stopped off at the grocery store for a few items. I parked as I normally do, as far away from the entrance as possible and not near other cars. There was a PG&E truck a couple of spaces over but nothing else. I popped the frunk and threw...
  5. HuntingPudel

    New Bidirectional EVSE

    I am at the Pacific Coast Builders Conference. Wallbox is showing off a new EVSE with bidirectional capability. It’s called the Quasar 2. They say it’s an updated version of the unit they are currently selling in Europe. Not much other info at the moment, but I am going to get some more. It is...
  6. HuntingPudel

    Mach-E Sightings

    Headed out of Sonoma Raceway at about 3:00 today on Hwy 121 North. Spotted a Cyber Orange MME headed South. Moments later spotted a dark grey MME also headed South. Waved at both from my Grabber Blue MME. 😊🐩
  7. HuntingPudel

    Next-Gen CarPlay to Have Full Vehicle Experience

    Next-Gen CarPlay will be able to communicate with the vehicle to display in real time engine speed, vehicle speed, engine temp, and more. It will be able to reside on any or all screens in compliant vehicles. 😍🐩 I hope we will get an OTA to update CarPlay for the new version! 😊🐩
  8. HuntingPudel

    GT-PE Bay Area to Washington and Back

    Preface I used Plug & Charge exclusively. I never had a P&C failure. I never had to wait for a charger. All stops other than the last one used my FordPass charging balance from the “chip hold” so my FordPass Charging Network balance is now 0KWh. I had a little bit of range anxiety for the trip...
  9. HuntingPudel

    One Year Since GT Orders Opened

    I converted my reservation into an order one year ago (yeah, I know the order banks didn’t officially open until 4/28/21). I took delivery of my GT-PE just over 5 months ago. I spent a bunch of time on the Grumpy thread, but I am loving every time I drive my car. 😊🐩
  10. HuntingPudel

    Car Show Filth

    So I noticed this morning that there were some sort of dried-on fingerprints on the passenger seat of my car after the Earth Day show. I got it cleaned up using Armorall Detailer/Protectant and a microfiber towel, but what kind of parent lets their kid crawl into someone else’s car with sticky...
  11. HuntingPudel

    Cabin Air Filter

    I just got a K&N cabin air filter. I pulled out my stock one and it’s still snow white. Being a cheapskate dog, I am not sure I want to replace the filter when it still has a lot of useful life left. Thoughts? 🤷‍♂️🤪🐩
  12. HuntingPudel

    MME Mentioned on NASCAR Radio

    I was listening to Dave Moody’s show on SXM NASCAR Radio yesterday and a caller mentioned that he’s driving an MME from the Midwest along Route 66 to Santa Monica. If you’re on this forum, you were heard! Have a great trip. 😊🐩
  13. HuntingPudel

    Tow Point Decals

    I got a pair of lime green “TOW” arrows. I installed them this morning. One of the pix is all washed out becuase of the angle of the sun and my white concrete driveway so it looks white. 😊😎🐩
  14. HuntingPudel

    Met Another MME Owner

    I was standing in the self-checkout line at the supermarket when a gentleman struck up a conversation with me because he saw my Mustang Mach-E Stinson vest. He said he had a blue First Edition. We didn’t get long to talk but a young man who was with him said that a good friend of his was one of...
  15. HuntingPudel

    F150 Lightning to Pace NASCAR Martinsville Races To make this MME-related, they make mention of the MME that paced Talladega last year. 😊🐩
  16. HuntingPudel

    Factory Tow Hook

    I found and bought a Ford tow hook. Being that I already knew that the hole in the MME front bumper is not threaded, I figured that I would have to find a mating female fastener. Well, today was the first time I actually removed the cover over the frunk jump leads from my GT-PE’s front bumper...
  17. HuntingPudel

    Another Bay Area MME Sighting

    I was headed to the veterinarian to get my dog’s ashes today in my Grabber Blue GT-PE. Just before 4:00 i spotted a Rapid Red Premium in Hayward near the Southland mall. Driver of the Premium and I exchanged waves. ??
  18. HuntingPudel

    Totally Off-Topic. Chemo

    Hi everyone. Some of you may know that my dog was recently diagnosed with lyphoma. He is doing better on chemo. I've started a GoFundMe for his treatments and I'd appreciate anyone cross-posting to any social media or friends. Thanks! ?? edit: Looks like the link was...
  19. HuntingPudel

    Frunk Tub Removed [Pics]

    I was doing a little planning for my addition of battery jump points in the frunk so I had to remove my frunk tub today. Necked Mach-E! ?? Oh noticed that there was this odd flag of masking tape on one of the hoses too. ?‍♂️?
  20. HuntingPudel

    Rear bumper protector installed!

    I threw the factory rear bumper protector onto my GT-PE this morning. It was probably too cold to do it but it looks OK, I guess ??