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  1. MellowJohnny

    Primer on Contactors Box (HVBJB) and how it works on the Mach-E. This is the module affected by the recall.

    That's where my curiosity is - wondering if there would be visible damage out to the exterior of the unit
  2. MellowJohnny

    Primer on Contactors Box (HVBJB) and how it works on the Mach-E. This is the module affected by the recall.

    Has anyone posted a picture of a pooched contactor? I would assume (maybe incorrectly) that there would be physical evidence of an arching / welding event?
  3. MellowJohnny

    ⏰ Mach-E Scheduling Next Week (8/1) For Build Weeks 9/5 Through 9/26

    My replacement order (for my MME that arrived crushed) was June 7th and I'm scheduled for the w/o Sept. 12th
  4. MellowJohnny

    Embarrassing discoveries?

    Don't worry about it! I helped a lady find and open the charge port on her Model 3...and I don't even own a Tesla. :)
  5. MellowJohnny

    I would like to THANK EVERYONE in this forum, you all saved my butt with your experience and knowledge!

    Clearly this guy's mantra is Fake It 'Till Ya Make It, except he never makes it. I'm still surprised to see the old school bullshit tactics in play. They obviously know they can bully the average person so they keep doing it. I would have been furious about the window etching - that happened to...
  6. MellowJohnny

    Ok, there’s too many Mach-Es now 😉

    I say wave, eventually it will reach critical mass. Cycling is the same - I wave at everyone I pass, but some are trying so hard to look “pro” they don’t wave. But I figure the day I stop, I break the chain. I’m still waiting for my replacement Premium to arrive (Oct apparently) but still wave...
  7. MellowJohnny

    TSB 22-2178 -- HVBJB Replacement - Stop Safely Now Message, Low or Discharged 12V Battery

    So to be clear, this in no way means vehicles built prior to the cut-off date are being recalled to have a new HVBJB replacement, only a directive to dealerships on how to replace a HVBJB should it become FUBAR and show up at their dealership, correct?
  8. MellowJohnny

    Transport truck damaged my Mach-E before delivery!

    Certainly sucks, but it could have been worse! If it were me I'd begrudgingly get it painted and enjoy the car. I refused delivery, but the damage was far far greater than yours.
  9. MellowJohnny

    New here - looking for advice on what to order

    Try the Ford Canada site: Obviously Canadian prices, but you can play around :) Not sure if *all* the options are the same, but I'm not aware of any substantial differences between what we can order and what our cousins down south can order.
  10. MellowJohnny

    Who IS NOT having problems with their brand new Mach-e? 2021/ 2022

    <barfly> Wanda: I can't stand people, I hate them. Henry: Oh yeah? Wanda: Do you hate them? Henry: No, but I seem to feel better when they're not around.” </barfly>
  11. MellowJohnny

    POST Recall Software HVBJB Failure

    I was thinking the same with with the false positives, so I'm kinda with you on this one. But there will be a lot of people getting post May 24 cars who have no choice - but maybe new hardware?
  12. MellowJohnny

    📈 Mach-E June 2022 Sales Number: 1,957 Sold / 4,846 Produced

    Interesting to see the Mach-E production numbers trend: 6k-ish one month, 4k-ish the next. Also 6,700 MME in "inventory" - does that mean sitting on dealer lots?
  13. MellowJohnny

    Double-Secret Updates - You're Just "Little People"

    I don't disagree. Sometimes you need extreme examples to get a point across... :)
  14. MellowJohnny

    Double-Secret Updates - You're Just "Little People"

    It’s a great example actually - it’s exactly what I wanted illustrate. OP wanted more detail in the release notes and I’m saying in cases where the changes are all low-level there is nothing really to tell Joe Public. The Devs get release notes they care about and so Joe Public gets the...
  15. MellowJohnny

    Double-Secret Updates - You're Just "Little People"

    Lying is not the same as "dumbing down" release notes for the GA. And that release probably did have "performance improvements" in addition to that lovely throttling "feature". But I doubt this is the kind of granularity anyone is looking for: The following new C++20 and C++23 features are now...
  16. MellowJohnny

    Double-Secret Updates - You're Just "Little People"

    You can throw your toys out of the pram if you want, but it ain't gonna change. The majority doesn't care.
  17. MellowJohnny

    Double-Secret Updates - You're Just "Little People"

    I don't think Ford is being deliberately deceptive, but 99% of the time "you don't need to know". Getting back to Apple, for most people Apps update automatically in the background and you never even know they changed, unless the icon or UI is new or they specifically want to call out a new...
  18. MellowJohnny

    I get it...but don't understand

    Complaining is cathartic - the Big News Networks have known for years that negative news is read more / watched more / clicked more. In fact the very first edition of USA Today reported a plane crash on the front page. OK, can't really ignore that kind of news, and they gave it a positive spin...
  19. MellowJohnny

    For everyone saying the Mach E recalls are ridiculous...

    Maybe it’s just a coincidence, but I’m not seeing as many MME on the road as I did pre-recall. I wonder if most people who read the (usually) attention-grabbing headlines like “Mach-E Recalled Due To Over-Heating Battery Issues” kinda said “screw it, I’m not driving it until it’s fixed”. I...