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  1. Mathington

    Recall 22S41

    I received a paper notice about the recall and a day later got the OTA to address the issue. My FordPass never said anything about a recall at any point.
  2. Mathington

    Safety Recall 224S1 and 22S29 arrived in the middle of the night!

    I believe someone else also mentioned this but I noticed more battery has been unlocked on my SR AWD after getting these OTA updates. I charged to 100% last night and when I checked the kWh to empty divided by the state of charging % in car scanner, I am seeing 70kWh.
  3. Mathington

    New customer satisfaction program: 22B10 - second key fob

    Nice! Looks like it is showing up in this ETIS system, thanks! Just called my dealer and they don't have the notice yet from Ford but say they see that it should be coming in within the next 2 days, so I will check in on Thursday. It may have taken a year but I do want to thank @Ford Motor...
  4. Mathington

    New customer satisfaction program: 22B10 - second key fob

    Does this apply to Canada as well? I just checked and don't have anything showing up for for customer satisfaction programs.
  5. Mathington

    Teardown & Analysis: Base AWD HVBJB (High Voltage Battery Junction Box) - NK4Z-10C666-C

    I'm very curious to see the HVBJB and contactor designs from other vehicles like the Lightning, Model Y and Rivian to see how they compare.
  6. Mathington

    3.3.1 Power-Up SYNC Software Update

    I do really appreciate the release notes, I'm glad they are finally putting more information in them. Can't wait to see more updates coming!
  7. Mathington

    BC boosts rebate for electric vehicles to a maximum of $4,000

    I agree, it shouldn't be based on income level, it should just be based on the price of the car. This way it's fair and anyone who wants to drive a less expensive EV that qualifies for the higher EV rebate can do so.
  8. Mathington

    Failed to charge (3rd time)

    I can't say that I have every experienced this before, but it's definitely not normal. It could be a faulty charger or a loose connection? What charger do you have?
  9. Mathington

    22S41 & 22S29 Recall OTA Software Are Out

    I'm not sure if it was already mentioned in this thread but I want to commend @Ford Motor Company on the improvements they made with this update for the regenerative braking and overall brake pedal feel. I am noticing that my Mach-E doesn't have the annoying grinding sound and sudden grabbing...
  10. Mathington

    I Miss It Already

    Hopefully you won't have to wait long! Why did you decide to change from the CR1 to the Premium?
  11. Mathington

    BC boosts rebate for electric vehicles to a maximum of $4,000

    This is a great increase, I just wish it was around when I bought my Mach-E last year :(
  12. Mathington

    22S41 Poll

    Just updated my vote now that I got the OTA.
  13. Mathington

    22S41 & 22S29 Recall OTA Software Are Out

    I think Ford did a larger scale roll out as my car and my father-in-law's Mach-E both got the OTA last night. In the past, his Mach-E was getting the updates 1-2 weeks before mine. Perhaps Ford is getting more confident in their roll outs and increasing the deployment size?
  14. Mathington

    New Bjorn video on GT

    I was thinking the same thing haha. I highly doubt that Ford would have given a media vehicle with a bad part when there is a known issue. I would hope that they would have replaced the HVBJB first.
  15. Mathington

    GT Performance Edition 20" wheels now available aftersales for $1430 per set (TPMS included) - Part # M-1007K-M2080

    I absolutely love the design of these wheels, but don't want to go to a larger tire/wheel size and lose more range :(
  16. Mathington

    Ok, there’s too many Mach-Es now 😉

    I don't know what changed but I have suddenly seen a massive amount of Mach-E driving around. I still get excited when I see another Mach-E and it's always nice to chat with other owners at charging stations.
  17. Mathington

    22S41 & 22S29 Recall OTA Software Are Out

    I just had the OTA successfully install last night. Glad to see things are moving again.
  18. Mathington

    Built Ford Tough? First road trip through the Canadian mountains during scorching a heat wave - wish me luck and no HVBJB failure!

    What app do you use? I had to use Google maps to set the route and then press “biking directions” to see the elevation gain/loss but it’s not great at showing where it is on the route itself. I was also getting 2.1-2.3 km/kWh (1.3mi/kWh) on the way up the mountain as it was the worst possible...
  19. Mathington

    📈 Mach-E July 2022 Sales Number: 4,970 Sold / 7,872 Produced

    Wow, the production is really ramping up! Is this the highest monthly production we have seen so far?