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  1. KAustin

    Small screen constantly rebootibg

    I haven't had many issues with my car over the last 17 months and have really enjoyed it. Over the past two weeks, however, the driver facing screen reboots while in driving. Normally, twice on each trip. I noticed this also reset the current trip stats. Anyone else running into this?
  2. KAustin

    FordPass - Should we expect something big?

    There have been no updates since the end of November on the Android app and only a minor recent change to the iOS app. This is after getting updates nearly every other week. Should we be expecting a BIG overhaul? I know someone mentioned they were part of some discussions Ford was having, but...
  3. KAustin

    Plug & Charge Now Active Message...?

    Just received this. Hasn't it always been active?
  4. KAustin

    Who else is mad about gas?

    Alright, so one reason I bought the Mach-E is so I no longer have to go to the dirty gas station, but my wife and daughter didn't get the memo. Tonight my wife says she needs a fill up to get to her brother's house and back home tomorrow. Mind you, we just went to his house on Saturday and I...
  5. KAustin

    Charging at hotel poll

    Hey Forum-mates, This came up in a conversation and I'd like to get as many impressions as possible. I appreciate your vote!
  6. KAustin

    First door ding...!?

    Well, it only took 17 days for Smoke to get a ding in the front passenger door. Did it happen at the mall? Nope. Grocery store? Nah. Restaurant? Guess again. Home Depot? No. Sherwin Williams? Not even close. In my garage? Exactly!!! "How did that happen?", you ask. My daughter was...
  7. KAustin

    Range HOPE!

    When I picked up the car a week ago the range was only 200 miles. I've put 300 miles on since and have reset twice. Today was the first day I charged to 100%. Not 270 yet, but picked up 55 miles.
  8. KAustin

    Tesla range explained in several charts

    This is actually a pretty good explanation on range for the four Tesla models. Worth a listen because it will help to explain the variances in range we will see.
  9. KAustin

    DIY car wash and ceramic coating recommendations

    Hey Gang, I have a feeling I am going to want to keep "Smoke" cleaner than any other vehicle I owned. There are a couple of threads regarding going to a car wash, but I'm trying to gauge peoples' preferences for specific products to use on the car myself. Ideas? Thanks...
  10. KAustin

    Had to use the Frunk for the first time.

    So, last night I had to pick up Moe's for dinner. That is not an acceptable smell for the inside of any car, let alone a brand new one. The frunk came in very handy. Chips a little broken because the divider is in the way, but rather a broken chip than a smelly car.
  11. KAustin

    New Quick Guide posted 2/25/2021

    A new Quick Guide was posted in the FordPass app today. Good amount of information.
  12. KAustin

    Issues Tracker

    Hello Forum Friends, We have tracked several other things during the course of this process. Should we track build dates and issues with the cars that have been received, along with any possible solutions in one area? I think this will help us, but also may help Ford in escalating and quickly...
  13. KAustin

    They Had To Plead with Bill Ford To Give Back the Mach-E Mustang

    Ford Motor team had to plead with Bill Ford to give back not-yet-released Mustang Bill Ford was given a prototype of the not-yet-released 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E to drive in early October and he didn't want to give it back. He asked for an extension. The design and production teams had to plead...
  14. KAustin

    Is this a camera?

    Hey All, I pulled this from a recent video that @trutolife27 posted. It looks like there might be a camera above the keypad. Can anyone that is going to see the car soon see if it is the same on the other side of the car? Thanks...
  15. KAustin

    Performance Question

    Yes, I know... Me and my performance questions. Indulge me because something doesn't make sense (to me) and maybe its because we don't have final numbers. Trying to understand how the Select and FE have the same e-AWD torque if there is an 80 HP difference between the two? Why wouldn't the...
  16. KAustin

    Performance Measuring Technology

    Really a question for the insiders. Does anyone know if the Mach-E will be able to measure 0-60, 1/4 mile, etc like the Dragy device does? I think Tesla has something in it's system.
  17. KAustin

    Over/Under on getting updated specs?

    Well, seeing as there are many sporting events, what is the over/under on getting updated specs by September 30th, 2020? Meaning solid updates on 0 - 60, range, etc. Under is before September 30th and Over is after...
  18. KAustin

    Will the First Editions have a number indicating the manufactured stamp?

    I really couldn't find a good way to word the title. I don't recall seeing information regarding a stamp or some sort of indication for the FEs that says "#3 of 3000" that would be placed on the car? I think that would be a great touch to add. Ford, are you listening?