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  1. KevinS

    Any way to test if OTA is working or if my car is communicating with Ford via OTA?

    I don't do myself any favors by updating via FDRS, but I have heard of other instances where people's OTA is not working properly. I have a Job 1 Select AWD. I have always assumed that my FDRS updates are why I don't receive any OTA updates, but am wondering if there's a way for me to see if...
  2. KevinS

    Propulsion sounds broken?

    I have all updates applied to my car, including the recall software. I never use it day-to-day myself but had a passenger this afternoon where I wanted them to hear it in Unbridled mode. When I would flip it on -- driving or stopped -- it would enable and then disable itself again. (sad...
  3. KevinS

    FordPass ego boost (My EV Driving)

    I don't remember when Thor zapped my car while I was driving, but it certainly made my numbers look pretty good.
  4. KevinS

    SiriusXM alert at top of SYNC screen on startup - any way to disable?

    Anyone know how I can get rid of this stupid thing? I know it goes away on its own after a while, but it still masks controls in the interim.
  5. KevinS

    SYNC install update date reads 'null' (no BlueCruise)

    The iOS Scriptable widget shows my SYNC version with an error in the install date: I am fully up to date on the modules via FDRS, but BlueCruise isn't activated. I have redone the PMI process for APIM (using the official Ford procedure) with no alteration of the install date. I have also...
  6. KevinS

    Vehicle history error in FDRS

    When I logged on to FDRS today and go to the Vehicle History tab, I receive the following error: "An error occurred while processing your request. Reference #..." Has anyone else ever seen this before? Have logged in and out over different times of the day thinking it might be a temporary...
  7. KevinS

    Forscan and VIN info

    I plugged Forscan in my MME today to pull serial number information and noticed something interesting... one of my modules was attached to a VIN number different than mine (see BECM): **snip** SOBDMB - Secondary OBD Control Module B Part number: LJ98-7S008-AA Calibration level: LJ98-7S008-AA...
  8. KevinS

    3/12/22 Updates in FDRS for Job 1 cars

    Looks like I have plans this weekend after the rain/snow stop... Job 1 car, 4/15/21 build date.
  9. KevinS

    2/28/22 New IPC update for Job 1 in FDRS

    My Job 1 car (4/15/21 build date) had an IPC update show up today in FDRS. Has anyone installed it yet via FDRS? Damned ABS update is still stuck there.
  10. KevinS

    "Lanes" - game probably coming in a post-2.3.0 Power-Up

    So my loaner Edge had the same interface as the MME but has a game that we don't -- It's called 'Lanes' and I imagine it will show up in a future update.
  11. KevinS

    1/19/22 - New APIM and TCU updates in FDRS

    My car is in at the shop for the windshield recall, etc. so I've been being nosy as what they've been doing in FDRS. Both of these weren't there yesterday. The ABS update is the sticky one that won't go away. My car currently has the 2.1.0 update so it'll be interesting to see what these...
  12. KevinS

    New software updates in FDRS

    Last night, I had ABS and the APIM updates that were stuck there even though I had applied them. Today these popped up: My car is going into the dealer for the windshield recall, so I'll probably wait until after then to apply it just to see if they do anything to the vehicle.
  13. KevinS

    "SYNC is not supported on your vehicle" on

    Anyone else see this on their vehicle info on the Ford website? News to me... but maybe hints at other issues with my car.
  14. KevinS

    Baffling dashboard decisions by Ford

    My first extended weekend trip of driving has brought out a lot of minor interface annoyances for me: Why does each driving mode have a different driver's dashboard screen with different levels of information? For example, Engage is the only one that appears to show Brake Coach even though it...
  15. KevinS

    Inaccurate charging estimates - everything's a WAG with FordPass

    Anyone else seeing this? FordPass constantly displays a time that wildly overestimates how long it will take to charge my car. I have a ChargePoint charger and consistently get a 9kWH charge. Between the Guess-O-Meter range and this, it seems like Ford could use a little bit of help in the...
  16. KevinS

    Better to schedule charge at car or charger

    I have a ChargePoint charger that allows me to schedule when it will start charging so I can take advantage of reduced rates at night. The Mach-E allows you to do the same. Which one have people found works with the least issues? When I have it on at the charger for a delay, I receive a notice...
  17. KevinS

    Not getting any OTA updates at all!

    My car doesn't seem to have received any updates in quite some time. My Sync Version number is definitely less than many. I took my car in for the PaaK recall. No change in anything from before. Short of buying the gear to do updates as others have, does anyone know of a way I can check to see...
  18. KevinS account shows I drive an.... Expedition?

    So I just got my Mach-E this past weekend! Yay! Went onto my Ford account online to see my new vehicle in my account: Not exactly a reassuring discovery. I think I'll definitely hold off on PaaK too....