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  1. Bigfeets

    ⏰ No Mach-E Scheduling Next Week (8/8)

    If Ford is really moving toward a complete online ordering system, the dealers won't be involved in the ordering system, thus, no need to know ;). Ford said weeks ago that 2023MY ordering would begin 8/15, then changed it to 8/25. So, with Ford's scheduling "black box" we must wait for events...
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    Current Mach-E production rate = 2,000 per week. Ramps up to 4,000/week next year.

    What if "new" EV incentives are actually disincentives: Most electric vehicles won't qualify for federal tax credit - Breitbart BNSF west coast railroad embargo on cars may impede deliveries there AAR Embargo System ( truck driver shortage may impede MME deliveries The truck driver...
  3. Bigfeets

    Senate Bill Deal to Expand EV Tax Credits (7/27/2022)

    CO2 increase with industrial revolution and burning of fossil fuels. Changes to the Senate bill may have disqualified ALL EVs currently sold in US from any incentive. This could be because of China's current domination of lithium battery manufacturing. It remains to be seen what the House will...
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    ⏰ No Mach-E Scheduling Next Week (8/8)

    Note at end is based on Ford statements which are subject to change. Ford probably will fiddling with the scheduling for the weeks of August thru October. Possibly starting as soon as 8/18 schedule Thursday, Ford could begin scheduling October, the last month of 2022MY production. If...
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    9/5 Build Week Thread

    Once you know your VIN
  6. Bigfeets

    8/22/22 build week gang thread

    Ford chat or dealer VVR access will likely be the first to know if your order has been scheduled and provide you the build week and VIN. Some folks get email notice from Ford. (I waited 226 days before my order got scheduled... two months later. It's now scheduled for 9/19 (VIN in 50,000)...
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    Do bugs love Cyber Orange more?

    Mach e owner loves Lady Bugs.
  8. Bigfeets

    Not all charging station assholes drive ICE

    My local EA chargers are in a very busy shopping center parking lot, with very poor design. (It's a great design when the area is deserted, although somewhat awkward to back into, angled slots next to 5 lane intersection.) There is no waiting area such that "waiting" involves blocking a...
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    8/15/22 Build Week Gang

    Availability of the window sticker is a sign that the assembly plant is likely to begin actual, physical creation of the MME you ordered.
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    07/25/22 Build week chat

    Just for grins, I looked at "my dealer" online inventory (central Orange Co. CA). They listed 18 MME, as "in transit", but no window stickers were available. i ran the VIN for each through: All were green window stickers...
  11. Bigfeets

    ⏰ No Mach-E Scheduling Next Week (8/8)

    Skepticism about Ford's allocation and scheduling system is well earned. Ford spent the last four weeks of scheduling (counting the No Scheduling week 8/8) on the four weeks of September. They should start...
  12. Bigfeets

    What does this status on the Ford website mean?

    As I understand it, Ford chat accesses a record system similar to, but separate from the VVR (vehicle visibility report) that dealers have access to. The VVR has more thorough and up to date info although your dealer rep must check it for you. End users may get notification of a VIN and a...
  13. Bigfeets

    ⏰ Mach-E Scheduling Next Week (8/1) For Build Weeks 9/5 Through 9/26
  14. Bigfeets

    8/29/22 Build Week Gang

    Some build week 8/15 orders are getting window stickers and batch numbers now, for that build week two weeks from now. With your VIN, you can quickly check whether you have access to your window sticker at:
  15. Bigfeets

    ⏰ No Mach-E Scheduling Next Week (8/8)

    Just guessing... around 8/15,22, and for next 3 schedule weeks, Ford will schedule the four weeks of October (last of 2022MY MME production). Cleanup scheduling week of 9/12, last of 2022MY scheduling. Then, notifications of conversion of unscheduled 2022MY MME orders to 2023MY may begin. Ford...
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    8/15/22 Build Week Gang

    ps For those scheduled 8/15 build week with a VIN, your window sticker may be seen at this link.
  17. Bigfeets

    ⏰ Mach-E Scheduling Next Week (8/1) For Build Weeks 9/5 Through 9/26 Routine assembly plant maintenance shutdown weeks of 8/1 & 8/8 scheduled months ago. Not related to imminent 2023My production...
  18. Bigfeets

    9/19 week Build Group

    My VIN serial is in the low 50,000, scheduled to be built the week of 9/19. (Those being built in 7/25 build week are in the 38-39,000 range, suggesting ~11,000 MME units being scheduled in the six weeks from 8/15 build week thru 9/19 build week. (Of course, scheduling is not building, so we...