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  1. Accord07

    Lightfoot Larry: Far Exceeding Ford's Official Range in my 2022 GT (non-PE) 2 Weeks In

    Is it just me, or does anyone else also miss daily new threads about abysmal winter range? 😜
  2. Accord07

    Home charging - Off-peak electricity rate

    I had been paying a flat rate to PECO, the utility in my area, until I bought a MME. Before I switched the company provided a comparison between what I had paid under the flat rate plan against what I would have paid under the TOU plan, for the previous 12 months. The difference was minimal, TOU...
  3. Accord07

    I can't believe the repair costs. Watch weight in the rear.

    I gave up on the privacy cover within a week. On occasions when I have to leave something in the car that I don't want others to see, it goes to the frunk.
  4. Accord07

    I can't believe the repair costs. Watch weight in the rear.

    It works for me. So far I have taken the mobile EVSE out a handful of times; if I need to do it regularly though I would not store it in there, it is slightly more difficult to raise the floor when it is at the lower position with the all-weather mat on top of it.
  5. Accord07

    For everyone saying the Mach E recalls are ridiculous...

    Tesla will fix anything with an OTA update. Oh, this is a Toyota, never mind then.
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    Ford Early Access + Electrify America: Complimentary BlueOval Electrify America Membership Invitation Email

    Took delivery in December, used up the free 500 kWh in January. Have been using Plug and Charge sparingly since then, because in any months with long road trips I just went with EA Pass+. I am not selected for this trial either.
  7. Accord07

    To MME to the Coast or ICE to the Coast; that is the Question

    I would have taken my MME for the 1,200 mile drive down to Florida, but needed the cargo space of my minivan. If I were you, I would not hesitate to drive the MME.
  8. Accord07

    Cooling ventilated seats?

    Chrysler/Dodge minivans have had heated 2nd row seats for years. The Ford Expedition rental we had a few years ago also had heated 2nd row seats. Even the Honda CR-V added heated rear seats to its top trim ~3 years ago. My minivan has ventilated front seats but no heated 2nd row seats. If I...
  9. Accord07

    Safety Recall 22S41 - 2021-2022 Mach E - HVBJB Recall [high voltage battery main contactors may overheat]

    Given what we have seen so far regarding updates, I think you should aim for one day before Q4. :p
  10. Accord07

    Ho-Hum, Tesla Again, If Anyone Cares

    For what it is worth, among the 392 crashes involving ADAS use (defined by NHTSA as within 30 seconds of the crash) among all automakers since July 2021, Tesla Autopilot accounted for 273.
  11. Accord07

    Ho-Hum, Tesla Again, If Anyone Cares

    Musk has political views? That's news to me. He didn't say a single word during the Shanghai lock-down when Tesla had to stop production.
  12. Accord07

    ChargePoint Question

    It is a bad idea to set schedules on both ends, whether to set it in the car or on the EVSE is a personal preference. I am on a TOU rate plan, with the lowest rate from 12AM to 6AM, the highest rate from 2PM to 6PM on weekdays (more than twice of the two off-peak rates), and the 2nd lowest rate...
  13. Accord07

    ChargePoint Question

    I too am on a TOU plan, on the few occasions I tried to override the ChargePoint schedule the app usually worked, except one day when their backend went offline (but I accidentally did the plug/unplug/plug sequence so in the end I was able to override the schedule anyway).
  14. Accord07

    Charging at RV Parks

    Yes, besides campgrounds and the parking garage of a local mall, I have not used the included Ford charger anywhere else.
  15. Accord07

    FordPass 4.16.0 Available on iOS and Android

    The problem is the car not resetting the distance counter after you traveled ~110 miles, then the energy used for the next trip which lasted only a few miles is used to calculate efficiency: the mile/kWh displayed in-car is correct, despite showing the wrong distance; FordPass however uses the...
  16. Accord07

    What level 2 charger is everyone purchasing for home use?

    What has prevented me from trying to remove the charger and then reinitializing it as new, is that I am afraid it may lose charging history associated with that device - that history is probably stored on their server though, I just don't know if it will be shown if the HomeFlex is set up as...
  17. Accord07

    What level 2 charger is everyone purchasing for home use?

    I agree that they changed it likely out of liability concerns. What they should have done is to set the breaker size once during installation and then allow owners to vary the maximum charging current, up to 80% of the breaker size. Instead they removed that functionality.
  18. Accord07

    What level 2 charger is everyone purchasing for home use?

    I have a ChargePoint HomeFlex as well, and like it for the most part, it keeps track of my charging cost accurately. Two complaints: 1) the app depends on their backend server to communicate with the HomeFlex, over the past six months I have encountered two outages (there could've been more...