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  1. Dealership wants my Mach E

    Don’t forget about recouping the sales taxes, title fees, etc. that you paid.
  2. 10/11 build week gang

    Here is SPARK-E, pictures taken by salesman at the dealership last night. I'll pick it up this afternoon. Space White Premium RWD ER, space white interior.
  3. 10/11 build week gang

    Hoorah! My car arrived yesterday. Will pick up this afternoon. Will post pictures son.:)
  4. 10/11 build week gang

    Anyone near or hear if the Wilmington Delaware Ford car depot survived yesterday’s flooding without issue. I don’t know the elevation of the depot so don’t know if it is safe from flooding. It would be just my luck that my car would sit in the depot for two months then get flooded! :oops:
  5. 10/11 build week gang

    My delivery date just changed for the 9th time. It is now next week, 1/14-1/20. So glad many of you have received your cars in the past week. The question now is who will be the last 10/11 build week customer to get their car? Dubious honor for sure!
  6. Seeing Ponies in the Wild Around the DMV

    I saw a Space White MME in Leonardtown on route 5 by the McDonald’s Yesterday afternoon. I honked and gave them a thumbs up, but since I don‘t have my Mach e yet they might thought I was just being a jerk, LOL.
  7. 10/11 build week gang

    I’m suppose to get my car this week, but Bob checked for me and it is still pending pickup. I guess I’ll have to wait some more.
  8. Consumer Preference for ICE

    I ordered and want the MME primarily as a local area car (i.e. 100 nm radius). When it comes time to replace my wife's ICE Acura RDX in about 4 years I think maybe a PHEV which has about 100 nm of electric only range would be a good option for long range travel. That's assuming a car makers...
  9. 10/11 build week gang

    Bob (oadesign) and I have had a similar jerking around with delivery dates. Low and behold this morning my "new" delivery date moved from 2/2-2/8 2022 to 1/11-1/17 2022. Well, I certainly will be happy if this holds, but I'm not holding my breath.
  10. Thread for people who haven't gotten their Mach-E's yet to be grumpy in

    I went to the Ford tracker. You can also see your dates if you have a Ford account and look up your order.
  11. Thread for people who haven't gotten their Mach-E's yet to be grumpy in

    WTF!!! Today my delivery date moved from this week to 2/2-2/7 2022. A whole month shift. Thanks to "oadesign" for determining that my car is "on hold" in New Castle, DE but I have no idea why Ford is still holding it there. My car has been sitting in DE since mid-November so now it will be there...
  12. 10/11 build week gang

    Congrats to you and RhodyGT on your car arrivals. Hopefully, mine will be soon.
  13. 10/18 Build Week Gang

    Congrats. You did well! Many of us who ordered prior to you are still waiting, but don't let that affect your enjoyment! LOL, as if it would? Happy New Year!
  14. What Would You Do If Stuck?

    Amen, that's a great idea! create a survival kit and put it in the frunk. That's what I'll do when I get my 2021 MME sometime this year! Don't forget the Fritos.
  15. Thread for people who haven't gotten their Mach-E's yet to be grumpy in

    I believe the delivery window provided by Ford is generated from a random number generator. Then when that date window passes without delivery, a new random number generator output is created. The delivery window is only provided to give us hope. :rolleyes:
  16. Recall / Stop Sale / Delivery Hold - Mach-E produced from Oct 5 - Nov 18 [Rear Seat Belt Anchor Repair]

    I haven‘t gotten any update from my dealer irt my car which is suppose to be delivered between 01/02-01/08 2022 I.e. next week. It is also subject to the seatbelt recall, but that hasn’t been verified. So I don’t have any idea when I will actually get my car. It has gone through 5 delivery...
  17. 11/01 Build week gang

    Congrats to all you 11/01 build week gang that have received your cars. I am in the early October gang (10/11 week) who have gotten bitten by the seatbelt recall, and haven't gotten our cars yet. Nobody said life was fair, and Ford certainly makes sure it isn't.:mad:
  18. 10/11 build week gang

    The estimate for delivery of my MME from Ford is a cruel joke. This is the statement on my Ford order page: "Your vehicle is In Transit or on its way to your dealership. Transit times vary from an average of 12 - 28 days based on your location and the plant where the vehicle was built. This is...