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  1. Mach-E VLOG

    We have a working Frunk Button in FordPass!

    We picked up our new Mach-E GT PE on Friday and today I discovered we have a functioning Frunk button in FordPass! 🎉 🎉 🎉
  2. Mach-E VLOG

    Colorado Blucifer is for sale!

    We have a 2021 First Edition that we are selling. Our GT PE should be here this week, so it is time to list the FE. If you are not familiar with Blucifer, you can see it in our videos: Tires are in great shape and we have about 9,000 miles on it. As many of...
  3. Mach-E VLOG

    Camping trip in the Mach-E (with a Lightning and Rivian, too!)

    Last weekend we took our Mach-E on a little camping trip with Out of Spec Studios. They brought a Rivian and a Lightning, so it was a pretty electric camping trip. 😂 The worst part of the trip was getting to the campsite. We were told it was just down a dirt road, but it was actually a really...
  4. Mach-E VLOG

    Road trip - Vegas to Denver

    As many of you have seen, we participated in a "race" from Colorado to Las Vegas a few weeks ago. There is a long thread about that here: Now we have a video about our return trip home. Some notable things...
  5. Mach-E VLOG

    12v Battery Fault - Service Soon

    I've been getting this message for a couple of weeks now. I am trying to schedule for my dealer to take a look at it and do the glass recall, but they are backlogged and windshields are back ordered. In the meantime, I'm trying to figure this out and decide if I should leave it parked until it...
  6. Mach-E VLOG

    BlueCruise first impressions after our road trip

    We got BlueCruise the night before we drove from Colorado to Las Vegas so it was the perfect opportunity to test it out. Here are my first impressions:
  7. Mach-E VLOG

    Earth Day event photos!

    I know there are a lot of Earth Day events going on today and a lot of Mach-E owners showing off their cars. If you go to any, post the pics in this thread! We're headed to the one in Lakewood, CO, in about 30 minutes and will post some pics later today. (And if you have pics from earlier...
  8. Mach-E VLOG

    EVs take over the NY Auto Show

    The Mach-E and a lot of EV competitors were on display at the NY Auto Show. We took a tour of the show last week to find all the EVs. As for Mach-E competitors, they had the Ioniq 5, ID.4, EV6, Ariya, etc. Some of the other new EVs I was excited to see: INDI ONE, ID.BUZZ, VinFast, F-150...
  9. Mach-E VLOG

    Mach-Es at the NY International Auto Show

    We were surprised how many Mach-Es there were on display at the NY Auto Show -- and not just at the Ford booth! We made a video showing you all of them!
  10. Mach-E VLOG

    Vegas meetup this Friday or Saturday?

    If all goes well, we're going to be in Vegas Friday evening and all day Saturday. I would love to do a Mach-E Meetup while we are there. We're joining up with the Out of Spec Studios YouTube channel to film an EV run from Denver to Vegas on Friday. One idea we had was to roll in before sunset on...
  11. Mach-E VLOG

    Making the Mach-E more accessible

    Here's a great video by Transport Evolved about a guy (Doug) that needed to add hand controls to his Mach-E. He also briefly mentions the accessibility of charging stations which is an issue we've brought up before. Very good and informative video. Doug also talks about how he got into EVs and...
  12. Mach-E VLOG

    Accident Diminished Value claims?

    After failed attempts to recover what I consider a fair diminished value claim after my Mach-E was rear ended last year, I finally got a court date in early May. I've had a professional appraisal done, but I'm looking for others that have had successful diminished value claims. If you're...
  13. Mach-E VLOG

    Show off your Mach-E at Drive Electric Earth Day events in April

    Drive Electric Earth Day is a national campaign to share information about electric vehicles throughout the month of April. It would be cool to have the Mach-E represented at every single event. I've registered for two here in Colorado (Lakewood and Golden) since they are on different weekends...
  14. Mach-E VLOG

    Our 1 year Mach-E review

    We've owned our Mach-E (aka Blucifer) for one year now and here is our video review. Of course, we love it! It's not perfect but overall it has been great.
  15. Mach-E VLOG

    Ford considering spinning off EV business into separate company

    Lots of chatter about Ford creating a separate EV company. Here's a Bloomberg radio interview with the reporter. The original source is behind a Bloomberg paywall but here is an interview with the reporter...
  16. Mach-E VLOG

    Denver Mach-E Meetup in the snow

    This past weekend we had a meetup in Denver after a night of snow. There was about 8 inches of snow on the ground and the temps started at 12 degrees that morning. It was a lot of fun but I can't wait until there is some warmer weather for these things!
  17. Mach-E VLOG

    Another Mach-E vs Model Y vs ID.4 vs Polestar 2

    If you recall back in November, my Mach-E was used in a competition against a Model Y, ID.4, and Polestar 2 with Out of Spec Studios. We finally got around to editing our version of that day with our take on the competition. No surprise, we like the Mach-E the best and of course we are biased...
  18. Mach-E VLOG

    Denver Mach-E Meetup - Winter Edition

    I coordinated with Tim Jackson of the Colorado Auto Dealers Association. They can host us on the morning of February 12th for a Mach-E Meetup. Our plan is to meet at the CADA building at 7:30 am for breakfast and coffee. After eating and socializing, we can go for a cruise through downtown and...
  19. Mach-E VLOG

    Testing charging speeds above 80% post 21P22 update

    I did a 10-97% charge at Electrify America after getting the CSP 21P22 update on my Mach-E. It was significantly faster above 80% than it was previously.
  20. Mach-E VLOG

    Ford's booth at the LA Auto Show - Mach-E ride along and more

    If you are interested in what Ford had at the LA Auto Show, we go on a brief tour in this video. We also did a Mach-E GT & Bronco ride along and we met Linda Zhang, Chief Engineer on the Lightning.