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  1. TruWrecks

    Ok, there’s too many Mach-Es now 😉

    Smile everyone and wave, wave, wave.
  2. TruWrecks

    Ok, there’s too many Mach-Es now 😉

    I have not seen any other MMEs at any chargers yet. I have seen several on the road and freeways. Only 1 has waved back that I saw.
  3. TruWrecks

    Ok, there’s too many Mach-Es now 😉

    I'm waving now, but you probably won't see it from Oregon since you are on the other side of the country @Logal727
  4. TruWrecks

    One way ticket to Casper...

    I was talking to EA last night and I recommended 2 more chargers along I-80 to the tech. She submitted the recommendation to the deployment team. Whenever you call EA about a charger you are at, you can also discuss problem areas that restrict travel due to lack of fast charging. They want this...
  5. TruWrecks

    Do you really know your car?

    Always take the 150 kwh charger unless it is out of service. The Mach-E cannot charge above 156 kwh anyway and purposely using a 350 kwh charger knowing that just makes you an ass.
  6. TruWrecks

    Peeling paint on panel under shark fin antenna

    Paint is covered for defects for the first 36,000 miles.
  7. TruWrecks

    We have a working Frunk Button in FordPass!

    I doubt my MME would have BlueCruise if I didn't use FDRS to force it. Now more Job 1 lies for the future. Looks like I'll be looking at a different brand if the features Ford promised are not released in the Fall. I'm tired of being strung along and lied to.
  8. TruWrecks

    Ford PowerUp 3.1.1, 3.2.1, and 3.3.1 (Update)

    Call your local dealer and schedule a service appointment to have them check the recalls and see if the BlueCruise registration got stuck. They can fix that and get the rest done in a few hours, depending on which Power-Up you got last.
  9. TruWrecks

    So….. 100 miles from home…. How screwed am I?

    How many premiums have the hardware issues so far? Pull the 12 V battery ground cable off for 10 seconds and get on with life. If the errors come back call your nearest dealer.
  10. TruWrecks

    Ford PowerUp 3.1.1, 3.2.1, and 3.3.1 (Update)

    I tweeted at Jim Farley about it. Everyone with a Job 1 that wants the remote release should also.
  11. TruWrecks

    FordPass 4.18.1 now available

    NADT for Android yet. Still waiting @Ford Motor Company or is this only a fix for iPhone? Android users have to wait for version 19.0 before we get a version that will not crash every other day or two?
  12. TruWrecks

    FordPass 4.18.1 now available

    Must be just an iPhone update. Nothing available for Android.
  13. TruWrecks

    Today was a bad day.

  14. TruWrecks

    Considering selling my Mach-E

    The Mach-E has been hands down the best EV I had had the privilege to drive. The range is very good and the performance is fun. What is not enjoyable is that my the only dealer within 60 miles of my home treats me like I have the Black Plague since getting the Mach-E. Every time I schedule an...
  15. TruWrecks

    The Complete DIY Guide to Updating Your Mach-E with FDRS (Alternative to Forscan)

    I did these updates to my car yesterday. SODBM had to be completed or I got a "security access violation". Once I updated SODBM the BECM and chained updates completed with no issues, but a lot of DTCs to clear.
  16. TruWrecks

    BlueCruise going out OTA to regular plebs (non-EA owners)!

    Mine stopped after a failed update in Feb. I took the initiative and finished it with FDRS.
  17. TruWrecks

    BlueCruise going out OTA to regular plebs (non-EA owners)!

    Try a forced restart of SYNC holding -> and OK. Then check in settings to see if Lane Centering with Hands Free is in the Cruise Control options.