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  1. Logal727

    Ok, there’s too many Mach-Es now 😉

    Drove to and from Savannah and loved seeing all the MMEs, but I am kind of missing the cool factor and no one waves back anymore 😭 My EA charging stop in Brunswick, Ga was full of ponies! It’s also interesting the demographics for the MME, both these cars were owned by women on road trips...
  2. Logal727

    Weird question I got yesterday

    Pulled up to our Panda Express (what? I like the orange chicken) and some guy gets out of his Honda Civic R and asks me if my car is my first Mustang. I say “yeah”.. and then he says “it’s pretty interesting you picked the EV as your first Mustang”…. I just walked away. Probably the first weird...
  3. Logal727

    Reverse Braking Assist Hates Sprinklers!

    RBA always gets triggered if I’m backing out of my driveway and my sprinklers are on, here’s a fun video from this evening, the sprinklers on the left side of the screen are on, I’m sure you can hear my wife screaming at me lol 😂
  4. Logal727

    BlueCruise and I-4 Express (Orlando)

    Looks like the GPS data for BlueCruise is pretty particular. I tried using it on I-4 Express lanes today (which are very new) but it only came on when it thought I was in the normal I-4 lanes. The express lanes are walled off lanes that run directly next to the regular lanes. And it immediately...
  5. Logal727

    Robot Mach-E Charger

    Pretty cool!
  6. Logal727

    Charging in Savannah?

    Anyone got recs for places to charge L2 or DCFC in Savannah, GA? Plugshare is making me nervous.
  7. Logal727

    My EV Driving Data Finally Works on Job 1!

    I had the 2.7.1-2.7.4 come OTA and now I actually have working EV Trip data!
  8. Logal727

    Optiwatt Phantom Drain

    So installed Optiwatt and linked my Ford account so I could try it out, but I recommend against it because it constantly wakes up the car even through the FAQ says it lets the car sleep. Just wanted to warn those that wanna try it. It does give some helpful data but not worth draining your 12v over.
  9. Logal727

    Erroneous Unplugged Message

    My car wasn’t even plugged in last night and I got a message that it may have accidentally been unplugged. And also got a message that scheduled charge did not begin, I don’t have a schedule set up. Maybe more FordPass server errors?
  10. Logal727

    Ok, who pulled into my driveway this morning?

    Not a lot of MMEs around here so thought what are the chances another one would pull into my driveway this morning, it was a white one, so I know it’s not @will, so strange!
  11. Logal727

    Do you think we’ll ever get an aftermarket skid plate?

    Not gonna lie, whenever I have to traverse something that’s slightly off the beaten path like a parking lot with roots in the ground, I get nervous I won’t clear it and it’ll grab the pack. Wondering if anyone will make a metal skid plate we could get installed.
  12. Logal727

    Failed 2.6.0 OTA Club

    Starting a thread for those of us who have failed 2.6.0 to diagnose and discuss and theorize and mourn, so we don’t clog up the other threads. Report in on your latest status, thanks!
  13. Logal727

    Figured out my 12v battery drain issue

    So for the last few weeks I’d been getting the deep sleep notice and also I’d been getting The Shutting down to save power message on my car when I started it without plugging in for a couple days. I noticed that sometimes when the welcome lighting would come on, the backlight on the sync...
  14. Logal727

    Greenlots Gone from plug and charge?

    Not like it actually worked with Plug and charge, but looks like Greenlots is gone now? Used to be on here.
  15. Logal727

    Job 1 vehicles, did you receive a letter about BlueCruise updates?

    Interested in this since letters were supposed to go out, but haven’t heard anything about them actually going in the mail yet.
  16. Logal727

    Deep Sleep message with 12v at 77%

    Was on my phone tonight and got a message car was in Deep Sleep mode to save battery. Thought it was weird, am in car now and 12v is at 77% SoC and charging back up. The startup sounds were coming through the IPC, but everything else seems fine. I’ve literally never got this message before...
  17. Logal727

    EVGo Maintenance

    Sharing this for anyone traveling these days
  18. Logal727

    Free Electrify America Charging on Earth Day

    Free charging on 4/22/22!
  19. Logal727

    Tesla stops including mobile charging cable with vehicles

    Feel like this will be a normal thing eventually