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  1. Steering counterweight?

    Sounds like you need to go to a different dealer that will actually contact the hotline and get the help they need
  2. Stop Safely Now -- Not HVBJB Related (It seems)

    Completely missed that and was surprised you left you car at EA for so many hours!
  3. Stop Safely Now -- Not HVBJB Related (It seems)

    You said you were plugged in to an EA station when the issue occurred, right?
  4. Window Goes Wrong Way

    But can they?
  5. Power-Up 3.2.1 SYNC Update

    I want a girl with a mind like a diamond I want a girl who knows what's best I want a girl with shoes that cut And eyes that burn like cigarettes
  6. List of Members with HVBJB Failures

    I guess it depends if you are up in Nunavut, then yeah it's gonna take some time. Otherwise maybe add a couple more days for safe measure.
  7. List of Members with HVBJB Failures

    That is not accurate. Most likely that was the parts systems response to the dealers order for many possible reasons, but there are at least a few parts stocked in all warehouses across the country. It should not be more than a few days for it to be delivered.
  8. Feels like a different car after software update

    A massive amount of work went into that so glad to see people noticing the improvement
  9. PSA on blank/mysterious OTA update

    That is a very valid point. I don't know if I want to change it to be helpful or leave it to mess with people
  10. PSA on blank/mysterious OTA update

    This is a Public Service Announcement: First a little history A long, looooong time ago before blue cruise OTA, or the 1.7.1 purgatory, or any OTA went out for the very first people there was an OTA update that had no notes at all. Back then we didn't have these fancy widgets you kids have now...
  11. Power-Up 3.2.1 SYNC Update

    Wait a minute! Are you telling me that OTA updates are fixing things?!?!
  12. 3.3.1 Power-Up SYNC Software Update

    Whoa and check out those release notes! It's almost like people were listening to all the feedback
  13. TSB 22-2178 -- HVBJB Replacement - Stop Safely Now Message, Low or Discharged 12V Battery

    I know there's lots of confusion and questions around part numbers. ALL OLD PARTS HAVE BEEN REMOVED FROM THE SYSTEM. If a dealer orders the old part number it will get changed to the correct ones.