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  1. Garbone

    Ok, there’s too many Mach-Es now 😉

    Wait,. Did you use a fob to access the frunk? Asking for a friend..
  2. Garbone

    ⏰ Mach-E Scheduling Retail Orders Only Next Week (8/15)

    All questions will be answered. Everyone gets their MachE.
  3. Garbone

    Am I the very last Select RWD without a production date?

    I ordered mine 12 hours before the order banks closed. No worries.
  4. Garbone

    ⏰ No Mach-E Scheduling Next Week (8/8)

    Buck up camper. We will get October build dates. I feel it....
  5. Garbone

    Just running the numbers to go with ICE.....EV still is equal or wins.

    Domestic bliss dictated my wife got the MachE and I had to order my own. Get her the Mini.
  6. Garbone

    🔋Florida Power and Light Evolution Home Charger Plan-Updated

    Did they say anything about a second or other EVs using your charger? Do not like the idea them removing my outlet...
  7. Garbone

    🔋Florida Power and Light Evolution Home Charger Plan-Updated

    Still nothing new from FPL on this. Appears delayed even though they selected a supplier in June.
  8. Garbone

    Any chance of a metal replacement (mod) for the volume knob?

    Someone needs to get to a Lightning and a Maverick with a set of calipers.
  9. Garbone

    2023 Mach-E New Color: Vapor Blue Metallic

    For some reason if I look at this color too long I get stomach cramps. Hmmm.. Edit.. figured it out..
  10. Garbone

    Any chance of a metal replacement (mod) for the volume knob?

    Well now I have to watch this thread.. Kit sounds good.
  11. Garbone

    FORD RELEASES NEW BATTERY CAPACITY PLAN, with lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries for Mach-E

    My understanding is solid state is an entirety different cell type involving a different state and configuration of dielectric and not related to LFP in the sense as they (LFP) is just chemically different.
  12. Garbone

    Teardown & Analysis: Base AWD HVBJB (High Voltage Battery Junction Box) - NK4Z-10C666-C

    Excellent. I wonder if the design is different in the F150, with the charge and discharge paths not being in series. It would be interesting to compare the two and see..
  13. Garbone

    Cooler for frunk

    Good question, Following..
  14. Garbone

    mach e vs chevy bolt euv - Thoughts???

    I toyed with the concept of getting a Bolt as our second EV. If I wanted to save $10k on an around town only car I would get a Mini. Cool and fun to drive, sure a bolt is 4 door but if space is really that big of a deal a MachE is better. Even at $10k less it is a lot of scratch for a...
  15. Garbone


    Going to toss this one on here...
  16. Garbone

    Ok, there’s too many Mach-Es now 😉

    Part of the reason I changed my current order from Space White to Ice Blue.... Tons of white Teslas about.
  17. Garbone

    Feels like a different car after software update

    They took the car out for 13 hours of joy riding and now the computer is conditioned to be more agressive. That is why it feels different. Or not. 😜
  18. Garbone

    Sync 4 Home Route Question

    My guess is quick pick "Home" is set up for 2am leaving a party and you do not really care about the route. Quick.
  19. Garbone

    Charging at home

    Look at the charger and the car. The app is clunky at best. Should have a blue light on the charger and your circle on the charge port should be beating. If no blue light on the charge make sure the dongle is seated well. If seated plug it into another outlet to check, Stayed at a place that...
  20. Garbone

    3.3.1 Power-Up SYNC Software Update

    Two phones is good, that is a thing now that I think of it. 🤔