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  1. RickMachE

    Feature Suggestion: 1PD Perfect Stop

    How would the car auto detect that you want to come to a complete stop? o_O
  2. RickMachE

    Hilton Head DC chargers???

    You can easily do this yourself with Plugshare. There are no chargers 50kW or higher. Period. If you remove power filter (set to zero) and then set plugs to CCS, you will see all DC chargers. Only one is Circle K, which is 24kW. Lots of level 2 chargers. Of course you're going there in 6...
  3. RickMachE

    EVSE and extension cords

    Just used a 12 gauge cord for two days just fine.
  4. RickMachE

    Underside bolts visible after HVBJB replacement?

    I will keep this in mind if mine HVBJB ever gets replaced, ensuring they use new bolts, and asking them to make sure they are painted.
  5. RickMachE

    2022 deliveries still qualify for tax credit under the old bill?

    You are wrong. Why would they have? There is no bill signed into law yet. Incorrect. You could have overpaid them $30,000. Irrelevant.
  6. RickMachE

    Can't Hear Turn Signals (normal?)

    Volume is not adjustable.
  7. RickMachE

    Control shutters on front Bumper broken

    Looks like bottom fin has issues also.
  8. RickMachE

    Control shutters on front Bumper broken

    The black plastic section doesn't flex. It lists for ~$700. Requires hours of labor to remove lower lip, bumper, then black section and replace it. If fins break, but mechanism and mounting is intact, they can be replaced.
  9. RickMachE

    Do I dare drive from MA to South Carolina?

    A non-issue. Your charging time will drop considerably with hotel charging overnight, and leaving home and the hotel with 100%. Of course, as noted, charging on HHI is challenging.
  10. RickMachE

    Water intrusion in rear hatch,to%2520seal%2520the%2520lamp%2520cavities.&ved=2ahUKEwi5vbv3osL5AhXOjYkEHQRzCBgQFnoECAcQBg&usg=AOvVaw0FleGQffaTR9dN...
  11. RickMachE

    National Drive Electric Week 2022

    We went last year. Poor attendance, despite being in a green-centric area. Maybe 15 non-vehicle owners. A bunch of Teslas, 3 Mach-Es, a Bolt. This year instead of behind a town hall it is at a major shopping center. More interest at a recent Cars and Coffee.
  12. RickMachE


    Take the recall notice on your phone, and print it. Then, take the piece of paper and throw it in the air, running around blowing underneath it. Alternatively, use a leaf blower.
  13. RickMachE

    Can't Hear Turn Signals (normal?)

    I doubt this. 1) Have owned Ford's for decades. Never read this or heard this before. 2) The above text is from the NIU scooter FAQs...
  14. RickMachE

    My Mach E Windshield Cracked

    That's pretty clearly an impact mark, wouldn't you think? Ford doesn't cover a rock or other debris hitting your windshield (nor does any other auto maker). Contact your insurance company. Glass claims MAY have a different deductible, or no deductible (required in some states).
  15. RickMachE

    Slow reaction of pushbuttoms cruise control

    Nope. Make sure you don't have your foot on the brake pedal. If you depress the accelerator, the speed setting reacts but the car doesn't because you are overriding the cruise control.
  16. RickMachE


    Recall paperwork has to be processed and entered. Within 2 weeks it should disappear.
  17. RickMachE

    Electrify America will install ultrafast EV chargers at over 25 IKEA US locations IKEA U.S. and Electrify America announce collaboration for ultra-fast public and fleet charging at over 25 IKEA retail locations August 11, 2022 IKEA U.S. will quadruple its total number of electric vehicle chargers, a big step toward...
  18. RickMachE

    Didn't take long for Ford to take the EV tax credit

    Perhaps. Same thing goes for other "threshold" measures. For example, whether you have to pay a Medicare "penalty" is solely based on income. So if that same person only has $50k in income but $3 million (or billion) in assets, they pay no surcharge.
  19. RickMachE

    Didn't take long for Ford to take the EV tax credit

    Many people do things I wouldn't do. But again, INCOME and VALUE OF VEHICLE have no relationship. Monthly payments as a percentage of income, sure. Or paying cash as a percentage of total assets. A 60 year old retire can have $50k in income and $3 million in the bank.