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  1. 67 Stang Convertible

    GT decals..Yay or Nay

    Not worried about the badges when those rims are “Smokin”!
  2. 67 Stang Convertible

    BlueCruise - "Keep hands on steering wheel"

    Wow, didn’t know there was a speed limit. I usually set it to 75 on Freeway. How do you “turn off blue Cruise “ with out cancelling lane keep with cruise control?
  3. 67 Stang Convertible

    "UPDATE NOW" button

    In your car's settings if you have the "walk away lock" toggle switch active; it will text you through Ford Pass App. I think it may be the one thing on my MME that has been rock solid since day one of ownership. Hope that helps.
  4. 67 Stang Convertible

    Safety Recall 224S1 and 22S29 arrived in the middle of the night!

    Seems like the "Update" makes the sensitivity higher. My update came via OTA last night. I guess we will see over the next few days to few weeks what happens.
  5. 67 Stang Convertible

    Safety Recall 224S1 and 22S29 arrived in the middle of the night!

    I also received the update. Last night. Car was plugged in so it charged to 100%. Fun to see 285 mile range on the display. It apparently does remove some preset parameters; so I'll have to look around this weekend and set up the charging paramaters, ect.....
  6. 67 Stang Convertible

    Senate Bill Deal to Expand EV Tax Credits (7/27/2022)

    Not sure I follow. If the Tax Credit is available to the EVERYONE why would that limit the Middle Class or Lower Middle Class from purchasing theirs? Example: So I buy a MME and the guy that picks up my trash or works on a factory floor buys the Chevy Bolt. Everyone is happy and we progress...
  7. 67 Stang Convertible

    Senate Bill Deal to Expand EV Tax Credits (7/27/2022)

    Beg my laziness; I did not read this entire thread. But why are they putting an Adjusted Gross Income on this tax credit. Is this true??? $150,000 per individual and $300,000 joint filing. I bet a lot of us/you guys who purchased this $60K care tick up over that income level. #That Sucks
  8. 67 Stang Convertible

    Weird question I got yesterday

    Was coal rolled once early in ownership. Happened to be with the wife and she thought his exhaust was broken. After I explained to her what he was doing; I got the old “men are dumb” look 🤣🤣 from her.
  9. 67 Stang Convertible

    So….. 100 miles from home…. How screwed am I?

    So where is the OTA update if this is such a big deal for Ford? How many weeks has it been since the "fix" :rolleyes: was announced? My dealer's Wifi (according to 2 different technicians on 2 different visits) is abysmal. So it was suggested to wait for the OTA Update. Yes, I can find a new...
  10. 67 Stang Convertible

    BlueCruise Stats as of 7/28/22 -- 10.6M miles logged, used by 66.5K customers, OTA updated to 15K customers, 130K miles of Blue Zones coverage

    I've had BC for about 6 weeks. It's better than not having it, BUT would I pay $600/3 years? Not in it's current state. I live 30 minutes North of Atlanta (Interstate-85) and the # of times that it "Drops out and then reengages" on that 30 mile stretch to me makes it almost more difficult to...
  11. 67 Stang Convertible

    So….. 100 miles from home…. How screwed am I?

    give us an update today. Let us know what your car did.
  12. 67 Stang Convertible

    HOT (OVERHEAT) PHONE using wireless charging in Mach-E

    Guys, my (Iphone 10) can only last on the wireless charger for about 40-45 min before the phone gets so hot that the phone shuts down and hence so does Apple Car Play. I was just watching a review of the Rivian R1T and he had the same issue; although he says it craps out after 30 min. Am I...
  13. 67 Stang Convertible

    Priority Update 22-PU0603-DC-CHG

    I'm still waiting on OTA for contactor issue as well. Do we have any idea the % of us who have received that update.
  14. 67 Stang Convertible

    Infotainment Redesign Coming -- via updated software or hardware?

    Please don't confuse this discussion with facts. This is the internet after all..........
  15. 67 Stang Convertible

    We have a working Frunk Button in FordPass!

    I'd say I use the Frunk a moderate amount, at the grocery store, sports equipment, for sure Take Out ect... I hate stuff rolling around the trunk. Since no cargo net available. I would love a Frunk Release; but would prefer an automatic up and down like the Trunk or the Lightning's Frunk...
  16. 67 Stang Convertible

    2023 Mach-E New Color: Vapor Blue Metallic

    I can’t agree more!!!! The crazy thing Ford has a Great Blue (Atlas I think someone said). Jeeze Ford we want a dynamic Blue for the MME!!!!
  17. 67 Stang Convertible

    Very Frustrated with Ford!!!!

    Wow, did this thread "swing" in a different direction. Now stop "monkeying around" and get back to the Mach E.
  18. 67 Stang Convertible

    Today was a bad day.

    Ouch!!! That's a bad day!!! Sorry it happened. Shockingly good quality video on the Dashcam.
  19. 67 Stang Convertible

    PAAK Stopped Working. HELP!!!

    I noticed that and turned it off in my last attempt yesterday. No luck