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  1. Recall status

    It took a month for the windshield recall to clear for me. I got the latest recall via OTA before I received the notice in the mail. I'm sure it will clear eventually
  2. Grizzl-e Smart Charger

    My charger works just fine..........except that I can't set up the smart portion. It just will not work for me. Tried for several days while talking with their tech and zero luck. Maybe you'll have better luck. The price was right 🤷‍♂️
  3. HEAT induced drive mode issue

    Happened to me on Friday. Took grand daughter to a water park and parked in the direct sun in middle of asphalt lot. Temp on screen said 111* when we got in the car. Car drove fine, AC was cold and everything was normal except not being able to change drive mode. Next morning car was back to...
  4. 22S41 & 22S29 Recall OTA Software Are Out

    Mine did the same. It was at 89% when the update started and should have stopped at 90 but instead went to 100. Not the first time it's happened with an update either
  5. 22S41 & 22S29 Recall OTA Software Are Out

    I'm in EA and got the update last night. I have not driven the car today but I expect some settings to be different based on other updates I've received. Dec 2020 build
  6. North Carolina Looks to Remove Public EV Chargers

    If a business wants to install free chargers then they should be able to. Try a business owner I decide to give away a coupon good for $20 at McDonalds to new customers. Does that mean I now have to give coupons to BK as well? No, it's my business, I give away what I want. If I...
  7. New problem for me. Charge not starting

    UPDATE: Plugged in yesterday at around 40% and car started charging at scheduled time with no issues. guess I just had a short term bug 🤷‍♂️
  8. Battery Contactor Recall Software (22S41) Now Available at Dealers

    Sorry, I did not read this whole thread.................... I've had the HVBJB and the BECM replaced on my car. Do I still need this update? I'd assume yes...but you know what they say about ASSUME. Makes an ASS out of U and ME 😎 If so, I'll wait for the OTA most likely
  9. New problem for me. Charge not starting

    Referring to the ring on the car. Using a GrizzlE EVSE which is working as it should, no error blinking lights. Car is scheduled to start charging to 90% at 9pm. Last 3 times it did not start at 9pm and when I went out to check on it the car had the red ring. Unplug and re-plug and charging...
  10. New problem for me. Charge not starting

    Last 3 times I've had it plugged in waiting for scheduled charge to start, it has not started. I get a FP notification that charge did not start as well as the red ring. Unplug, plug back in and it starts charging as it should. No messages in the car. This is a new issue for me. No recent...
  11. An interesting article from NPR on the first Lightning delivered.

    He's already posted up on the Lightning forum and added several good bits of information. He pulls a 23' airstream trailer and has posted a good review on how his first trip went with it
  12. Navigation and Charging, how low % will it let you arrive?

    It will let you run out if you keep driving. You can set warning messages to pup up at different intervals but that's it. Plan your route accordingly
  13. Safety issue with profiles being reset

    This is a known bug. Remote start defaults to Guest profile. It's annoying so I don use it unless I have to
  14. Seat Position Recall with Unlocking

    It's hit or miss for us. Most of the time if she..5'6" drives the car and then I go to get in it will just move to her position......which means my 6'2" knees get jammed into the dash
  15. First Turo Booking: Pray for me

    I haven't read through this whole thread so I'm sorry if I repeat something here. We rented our RV through a couple of sites very similar to Turo. Each site had a similar 1099 policy, we never met or exceeded it. We still claimed the income earned as well as any expenses. Hope it works out for you
  16. Service at 20,000 miles, is it necessary?

    Had mine completed and cost was $19.95. I changed out the cabin air filter on my own later. I think manual says to do the every 20k miles but I've done it at the 10k intervals and felt it was dirty enough to keep that schedule up
  17. Charger recommendations?

    I only mentioned Canada and the Arctic Edition from GrizzlE because THEY are MADE IN CANADA. I'm sure it would work just fine in other parts of the world too :rolleyes:
  18. Charger recommendations?

    Based on living in Canada........I would suggest the GrizzlE Arctic Edition
  19. What if it were an ICE… still buy it?

    Nope, not even as a hybrid
  20. Car stuck in middle of intersection, all sorts of lights and warnings. TERRIBLE service so far. *EDIT* Car fell off the rack at dealer

    Oh, wow. I had my windshield recall completed by them. You, Sir, have the patience of Jobe. I wish you the best of luck with this situation