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  1. Kamuelaflyer

    Am I the very last Select RWD without a production date?

    Start scouring the web fir mme’s in stock that meet your criteria. Rare? Perhaps. But if you don’t look, you’ll never know.
  2. Kamuelaflyer

    The four door mustang!

  3. Kamuelaflyer

    FordPass 4.19.0 Released

    If only they used that beta testing to actually squash bugs and stuff.
  4. Kamuelaflyer

    Desirability of glass roofs.

    18-19 degrees north latitude here. It's the hot season too. No issues for us.
  5. Kamuelaflyer

    No Camera when stopped/in Drive

    Same for me for the garage. If I want it to come on early or stay on longer, I just have to turn it on. Our definition of close though may not be what the car thinks of as close.
  6. Kamuelaflyer

    PaaK Oddity (redundant, I know)

    I’m exact the opposite. Since that update I’ve gone from virtually 100% PAAK reliability to less than 50%. Doors always opened on the first push before. Now it’s 3 or more. No key detected went from never to a daily occurrence. Restart now? Never to several times a week. Ford’s software updates...
  7. Kamuelaflyer

    Most asked questions

    C cells or D cells? Just kidding, no one has asked me that. Yet. :p
  8. Kamuelaflyer


    I’m afraid I can’t answer that Dave.
  9. Kamuelaflyer

    Prize for longest delay time during shipping

    In all honesty, the odds that any given car was damaged to the point of building a new one for the prospective owner is really very low. It's probably sitting in Mach-e purgatory.
  10. Kamuelaflyer

    Prize for longest delay time during shipping

    It's frustrating for sure. Ohio could be a truck or a train from KC or both. There's a serious manpower issue with the truckers atm. Little consolation though. I hope the logjam breaks for everyone soon.
  11. Kamuelaflyer

    Prize for longest delay time during shipping

    It's possible they've built a new car for that guy, and the other one on that thread. Things occasionally happen which necessitate a new build. On the other hand, it could just be sitting there. Waiting. Patiently.
  12. Kamuelaflyer

    Prize for longest delay time during shipping

    Mine sat in San Diego for 6 weeks before PASHA got around to putting it and all the others on their ship.
  13. Kamuelaflyer

    Hot & Annoying

    Obligatory “necroing” a thread comment. ;)
  14. Kamuelaflyer

    Accessories worth buying?

    I have the Ford floor mats. They look great. in addition: Mud Flaps Frunk Mat Screen protector Pony liners for the various cup holders and cubby holes. You can’t possibly have too many ponies. Wireless Charge Tray Organizer Second Row Seatback Cover. For when I’m hauling stuff with the back...
  15. Kamuelaflyer

    Smart Vincent Instructions?

    Odds are high the person who told you they’ve never heard of Gird Options is being less than honest. Dealers make a ton of money off of conventional financing and leasing. Go above their head to the Sales Manager or GM. If that doesn’t work, there are Ford employees on this forum thst are well...
  16. Kamuelaflyer

    Safety Recall 224S1 and 22S29 arrived in the middle of the night!

    Part 2: And some people are frustrated because their MME is not performing properly or it doesn’t meet expectations (realistic or otherwise). Take your pick on answers. ;)